Early Christmas present - UPDATED WITH Q-View.

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Dec 10, 2013
I got an early Christmas present.  A Masterbuilt XL propane smoker.  I've been on the ropes about building or buying a charcoal smoker since about October.  I have a sales rep. who has a MBXL and he told me all about it.  So I started reading up on it and really liked what I was seeing.  My parents were on me about what I wanted for Christmas so I just said I'm looking at this smoker.  The rest was history,  Mom purchased it at BPS and told me last week to get it ready and smoke 3 sides of baby back ribs for Christmas dinner.  It's assembled and its a beast.  I wanted to season it today but we got about 4-6" of rain last night and today.  But tomorrow is looking clear but cold.  I have a few questions.

1. The directions say to oil the inside of the door and the racks, put 2 cups of wood chips in and turn it on high.  It should get to 400* in 30 minutes.  Shut it off and re-oil the racks and door and run it again for 20 more minutes.  Is there anything else I should do?  I will have a cast iron skillet in the wood chip pan and using chunks vs. chips.  

2.  How soon can I start cooking?  My first smoke will be some pork steaks and the wife wants them for supper tomorrow.  

3.  With the temps in the 30s I was thinking about putting the smoker in my yard shed to keep it out of the wind and elements.  Its a 10x12 with a barn style gable roof.  I would keep the door open but will I have any issues doing this?  I also have a Maverick ET-732 so I won't have to baby sit it.  

4.  Wife has a boneless pork loin roast that she wants to do for Christmas day lunch.  It is wrapped in that elastic netting to keep it together I assume.  Is it ok to leave the netting on or should it come off?

Thanks in advance for any answers, or comments you have for me.  I hope to get some qview but I am having issue with my photobucket account.
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Congrats on the XL!
Mine should be here Monday, just upgraded from a MB 7-1.
I'm new to this to, but when I seasoned my smoker, I just covered all the inside surfaces in Pam. Ran it at around 350 for about 2 hours. Wiped the excess off after it had cooled and called it good.

2: I smoked my first chicken directly after that. Turned out fairly impressive. (First time ever smoking).

3: I wouldn't put it in a shed that size. I had mine under a awning, it was below 20 and snowing. Had no problem holding temp.

4: I've done them in the oven with the netting. I see no reason you couldn't do the same in a smoker. I've seen people put chickens in netting and then smoke.

I hope you like your XL, I sure hope I do. Lol.
After having the MB 7 in 1. It works, it does everything. Just doesn't do anything great. :banghead:
Then countless hours of Google. I think the MB XL is probably going to be the best, in this price range.
Hope to see your impressions of it!
Thanks for the reply.  I did do porksteak last night and it was awesome.  Used some Hickory chunks and smoked for about 1:45.  They kinda stalled around the 140 mark but the wind had picked up,  so I gave it a little more heat to about 250 and it pulled through.  I took them off at an IT of 160ish.  IT was hard to meausure because they were only 5/8" or so thick.  I used seasoning salt, black pepper and brown sugar for my rub.  When I do them on the grill I baste them with sweet baby rays, but no sauce was needed on these.  Full of hickory and sweet flavors.  I have 3 side of baby backs on now running 225-230.  Been on for right at 5 hours.  At 2 hours I pulled the cast iron skillet/ wood pan and did not bother to foil.   The IT says 160 and the bend test looks promising.  Gonna pull them and let them cool/rest and them foil and refrigerate till tomorrow evening.  Hopefully they turn out great.  If photobucket is cooperative I'll upload some pics.  I did wind up putting the smoker in the shed.  It was a little smoky in there when I put the ribs in.  But the temps were stable and it was worth it.
Time for some Q-view.  Ribs were awesome reheated in the smoker with some sweet baby rays sauce.  Still have some leftovers for today or tomorrow.  I'm going to have to do this again real soon.  Anyways here are some pics of the ribs.  The first 2 are right off the smoker on the 23rd.  The last 2 are from the 24th.  

Looks good. Congrats on the new smoker! You'll find it's addicting. Good move on already having the maverick, that'll definatly help out. Now it's taste test after taste test.
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