Dual RF Smokers on trailer....My first adventure

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  1. Got a few more things done today.  Pics with captions to follow.  Also finally got insurance for catering business today.  Had to get caterer insurance because it is portable.  Had a hard time because of no track record.  Also insured trailer for 30K.  Got that number from East Texas Trailers.  I figure by time I get done I'll have one of their 26-28K trailers.

    I have been worrying about all the weld spatters and rust and some of the ugly welds.  Thought I would try a new floppy sanding disk that came with the 4" grinder.  WOW!  That little disk took ALL of th spatter, rust, and cleaned up the ugly welds.  Holy Crap what a nice little disk.  Pic shows a verh fast rough 30 minute polish job.

    I did the front and doors in about 30 minutes

    A little better view

    Got rack handles made and installed in smoker #2

    Stack dampers fabbed and installed.  Still need to drill and bolt together.  On both tanks I might add.

    Smoker #2 or is it #1.  Can't remember which is which.

    So this is getting to be truth that determination pays off.  If I had of listened to all the negative comments when I started this I would not be anywhere close to where I am today with these.  I have jumped in with both feet, read a lot from you guys, and kept going even when I had no idea how to get from point A to point B.  And I did all the welding with a Harbor Freight 180 Amp welder, which I was told wouldn't do the job.  I want to thank everfyone who has built, read my blog and commented on this site, cuz without all of you and your wealth of information I couldn't have gotten here.

    Smokers only have firebox doors, counterweights, and one drain left to install.  I have decided to bite the bullet and have them powder coated.  I told powder coater it would be in 2 weeks.  I can't wait to see colors.  I have decided that black it won't be.  Maybe gunmetal grey.  Have to see samples first.  I'll keep you posted
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    Pretty amazing how a little negativity and cheap tools will spark a big fire! Big fan of HF cheap tools, and those who say it can't be done! Looks good man waiting for the smoke!
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    Your work looks good to me..... So does the design.....   Dave
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    Looks great, and those sanding flap wheels are definitely a handy thing to have on hand.
  5. Got firebox doors cut today.  Need to go find some stuff for hinges tomorrow.  Going to try and get doors and vents mounted Sunday.  Sooooooooooooo close to fireup.  Did a bunch more sanding on box today also.  Ran out of sanding disks.    All the little things to do....the time eaters.  Pics coming as soon as I mount doors.  Also have counter weights to figure out.....Just for the record.....I'm researching all of you guys' ideas....LOL[​IMG]

  6. Firebox doors Installed.  Still need to fab some latches.

    Doors open.  They actually work[​IMG]

    For newbies looking to do one of these.....I spent 2 hours running and buying parts today, 1 hour fabbing the hinges and 1.5 hours or more installing doors.  These smokers are MAJOR time eaters......but so much fun!

    Firing up this week I hope.
  7. Had a grease fire in my little brickman this weekend.  Not good.  Thank God I was here and had a level head.  When I opened the door oxygen and fire....fire hit the patio roof.  Closed the door and got the good ole hose.  Took all of 5 seconds to put out.  Moral to this story is......I put my first RF plate in this afternoon.  Do I have to say, I welded it in tight.  I cannot imagine what a grease fire would do in one of these monsters I am building.  But it would be anything but good.

    Finished cleaning outside of tank #1 also today.  I didn't look white when I got through.  Door latch, counter weights, (thank you Dragon's Breath), and a couple of brackets to hold my stainless steel shelf and I'm done.  Oh yea, a drain in my RF plate also.  All these last minute things.

    I have been wandering how I'm going to fold my shelf up while traveling because of the door latches.  A bell went off yesterday....Ding!  Can't fold up, so I'll hang it down.  It has to fold because the dual smokers will be pushing width of trailer.  My HVAC called today and shelves will be ready in morning.

    Ribwizzard, I've been following an awful lot of your advise and ideas and I've decided to paint and not powder coat.  Got all the paint Home Depot had today and ordered more in from other area stores.  God willing paint soooooooooooon.  So much cheaper then powder coat

    So my brother who owns "The Butcher Shop" called me and said he got a fax from a company called Slick Coating.  They do teflon and silverstone coatings.  And being as I am trying to really do this right....stainless is out of my field of play, I called them and now my racks are getting shipped up to Washington to be coated with silverstone.  I have someone who owes me a favor or two who has shipping connections.....need I say more.  The Slick Coating guy kept telling me it's expensive.  And what hasn't been with this project.  Besides it's all relative.  I can't imagine oven cleaner on these twelve racks and a wire brush.  Not that expensive.  $65 a rack for the lowers and $50 something for the uppers and a whole lot less work to clean them.
  8. Id like to know how they apply the coatings.  I would imagine it would be simular to powder coating.  You got me thinking now!!!
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    I was contemplating buying that very same welder from Harbor Freight but was afraid it wouldn't stand up to lots of welding.  You have just convinced me to go pick one up!

    This has been a great build to watch and I can't believe you're getting it together so fast.  Great job.
  10. Rib,

    From what this guy said it's sprayed on and then I believe baked.  2 day process.  I asked him tonight about light rust, did they first need to go to sandblaster, he said no and he would do necessary prep.  I think I'm in heaven.  Should be getting them on a truck this week. 
  11. Sgtmonte:

    This is not a professional welder but I have used and abused mine and it just keep on burning rod.  It's duty rated at 20%.  Being the ignorant putz I am, I weld and weld and keep on welding.  I've only overheated it once.  That was when I was welding one on the legs on.  They are 1/2 inch steel and I was burning really hot and doing a whole bunch of welds trying to get leg on.  So far I've used 50 or 60 lbs of flux core on these tanks.   It's not the best welder but has done the job I needed it to do and the price was only $259.
  12. Went out to my shop at 5am this morning to get stuff cleaned up and tanks moved around.  Have a couple of large granite jobs and if you can imagine this, I'm in the way in my own shop.  I got some cleaning done on tank #2 and the piece of 1/4" 3x3 angle welded to firebox to use for mount.  I ran out of juice this evening but have big plans for tomorrow.  Thermometers came in and I'm itching to put them on.  But won't till after paint.   Got to love them Tel Tru's.  The mounting housing isn't long enough to get a nut on because the tank is so thick.  So I'm going to drill a hole for stem and weld a nut to outside. Another last minute thing.
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    Check the threads on the Tel-Tru....  I think they are pipe threads....   Weld a coupling (or 1/2 coupling) on the CC and drill a hole for the stem....   They will unscrew easily for traveland checking calibration, and thieves won't be able to lift them....    Dave
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  14. Urbo I am guessing your from Texas but have you checked with your local Food inspector about using your smoker for catering? Here in Wisconsin we aren't able to use homeade smokers for catering but can for restaurants and definitely can not us anything that was made from any container that held fuel.

    I found out the hard way with my build and am unable to use it for catering. Anyone else have this problem with their state?
  15. You would think I'm from Texas, but no.  Born and raised in Medford, Oregon.  As far as I currently know there is not that rule here.  I guess I will find out next week when I apply for restaurant license.  If it is a problem it's really not one.  I have never had visions of grandure.  I built this on a whim because it has floated my boat.  I love doing this, cooking the food and sharing it with others.  And so if all I get to do is have smokeouts with my friends that's just fine, because I know my smokers are something to talk about and something to brag about.  I am a builder and that is where I make my living.   Make no mistake, this is just a pet project of mine.
  16. I tried to send these photos to my email last night but somehow I bumbled it, but here is yesterdays progress.

    First and foremost.....Got my registration paid for and submitted to my first competition.  It's a KCBS competition.  Whoo Hoo!  I don't know how much more sleep I can miss but I am really amped.  I have a judging class on the 24th for judging.  And the education continues.

    Damper installed, bolted, and a little handle hanging down

    Here's the little handle hanging down.  This is tank #2.  Right now I can tell the two apart because #2 smoker isn't buffed out but that will change in the next couple of days.

    This is Oscar.  He watches everything I do.  Doesn't seem to mind the sparks.

    RF plate installed.  This is the dam I welded in to keep grease out of danger zone. That grease fire I had made a true believer out of me.

    Here's the firebox end.  The firebox is insulated on the top.  The 2" lip up is the insulated space.

    I got the brackets welded on to accept the stainless steel shelf.

    Holes drilled for thermostat.  Forgot nuts in my pickup so they didn't get welded in. 

    And the last thing I got done last night was these little hooks I welded on.  These are to hang the chains on that will hold the shelf up while smoking.  All the little things. 

    Counter weights and a RF plate drain and smoker #1 done.  Smoker #2 still has RF plate, RF drain, counter weights and cleanup.  I see paint and fire next week for sure.
  17. Smokr #2 RF plate installed last night.  Word to the wise, install RF plate before racks.  The problem with this one was I welded mullions (ribs between doors) back in solid.  My 2x3' steel had to be cut in two to get in.  Smoker #1 mullions are still removable...work like a charm I might add, thus allowing the plates to be tipped down and in.  I made template of tank radius today and ordered plate to make them out of.  Pickup tomorrow. Adain thank you Dragon's Breath. Would be completely finished this weekend but have a smoking class this weekend.  Closer to fire.....
  18. Went to Vancouver, WA yesterday to go to the Smoker class.  What a hoot.  They pushed Traegers.  Was a good time, very interactive, and I could have taught it.  However, my smoked meats are FAAAAAAAAr better than theirs.  But theirs was certainly not nad, just not great.

    OK back to business.  Started counterweights tonight.  Ran out of acetelyne.  But here's a pic anyway.  Wow is all I can say abou ease of opening now

    I'll get better pics tomorrow
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    watching with excitement
  20. Looking good!  Simple and efficient.


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