Dual RF Smokers on trailer....My first adventure

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  1. Progress report.  Today I finished installing doors.  Have door latches, counter weight and handles left to outside.  I started interior structure tonight.  Have drains to install and then RF plate and the RACKS.  I can't hardly wait.  I bought screen from scrap yard the other day.  Heavy Duty shaker screens from rock plant.  New...$1 per pound i thought I really scored.  Pics

    the screw head is removeable for insertion of whole hog
  2. oops forgot interior framework photo

    also welded kickers in the center to keep plating from sagging when hot.  4 total across bottom in center
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  4. Project moving along.  Today I built and installed my first two shelves.  Haven't gotten around to getting my reverse smoke plate yet.  I'm going to put either 1/4 or 3/8" plating in.  I want the plating to be in sections so I can remove them to clean.  I'm thinking of using strapping on joints like on the doors.  Any opinions?

    I put some angle stops in to allow shelves to be pulled out loaded and stay there without tipping down.  I knew these things were going to be a lot of work...but I'm still amazed at how much.

    Got to keep moving on.  I have a bunch of people who want some smoked food and now word has gotten out and a restaurant wants me to build them a smoker.  I've got to say this is a blast and only getting better.

    Notice the angle tabs on top to keep shelves from tipping down.

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    "First Adventure" Umm what you talking about Willis??

    Looking pretty damn good! Hurry up and  get done so we can see some TBS and meat getting happy!
  6. Im trying. Too many projects not emough daylight. I believe that I actually have a job also
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    Mike, morning.... Removable Rf plates should work fine... They may leak fat etc. to the bottom of the cook chamber... a fire could start below the RF plate....  be sure and install a drain in the bottom of the cook chamber for draining fat and ease in cleaning....   To alleviate the fat problem, disposable aluminum pans under the food would work, and you would have the fat for adding to sauces etc...    Are you building a track or ledge for the plates to sit on ???   angle iron would work for that...  take  pics so others can learn from your ideas....    Dave 
  8. Dave, Thank you.  I did install angle bracing.  One of the pics shows it.  I turned the angle so the "V" faces out.  This allowed me to weld in two different spots, top and bottom.  Also another reason for this is that to install the angle like you normally would it is too wierd of an angle because of the round tank.  I plan on removing the bottom plug from the tank and using it as a drain (valved of course).  I lifted the RF plates but still made it work so I can get roaster pans or equivalent on top of RF plate to even out temp better, add moisture and....catch a good deal of the fat.   To also help I will weld in solid a 1" dam right at the firebox line.  The removable RF plates will have handles front and back.   These are for ease of cleaning which will be so important because of using rig for catering.

    No pics today because I only had a short time to work on tank.  I will say that the top shelf is turning out to be a challenge getting it straight and level.  I have spent more time fitting and re fittin g on these things.  I think I finally have the solution for ease and speed.  We will see.  I hope to be building fireboxs by next weekend.  Keeping fingures crossed.
  9. That looks awesome.
  10. Looking good Urbo. A double monster smoker Wow!
  11. Around here we call those 'Gorilla welds' ......ugly but strong!  I am not a welder either, and when I originally built mine I didn't have a clue what I was doing. Didn't know about SMF, pit calc. circle calc or any of those other wonderful tools that helps you to build it right. I was working on it at work, and the funny thing about bosses is they don't like you working on something personal when you are supposed to be working for the company. The only time I really had was during lunch and breaks, and that's not good when trying to weld. You need a little time to get things right. I was laughed at, but I enjoyed doing it. Now that I know I am trying to get it modified right. Keep it up and enjoy the build..........then enjoy the food!!!
  12. Got the first smoker almost finish on inside this weekend and today.  The following pic was taken and then I added rack rails to upper part of smoker.  All that is left is having RF plated sheered at metal supply house and build last two racks.  I am still contemplating my fireboxes....

    Bottom Racks are 30.5 inches deep and 20 inches wide

    Top racks are 26 x 20
  13. Looking good Thumbs Up
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    urbotrimm, if your making your RF plate in sections, you might want to check out this guys build.  It's a hybrid, RF / direct cooker.  He can separate the plates for tuning on a direct flow or place them together for RF cooking.  Since your making your plates removeable, it might be worth the extra exhaust to be able to cook both ways...

    Here is the thread of his build on The Smoke Ring...


    This is something I wish I would have did on my build.  Don't get me wrong, I love my RF, but there are certain things that just seem to cook better on a direct flow.
  15. Bruno:

    Many thanks for the thread.  What a smoker that guy has.  I hope mine gets that good.  I am not the welder he is but I bet my smoker put out a pretty mean mean or three.
  16. I know what it's like reading someone's build.....waiting for the next tidbit.  Hang tight, I am working too much and building an outdoor kitchen on the side....have to get it finished by Easter I'm told.  it's killing me...I saved up another $300 for steel and it's burning a hole in my pocket.  For you guys thinking of a build, I'm $500 into steel and $75 for each tank so far.  I'm figuring each smoker will be around $1200 by the time they are done.  Fireboxes will be a biggy.  I'm hoping to find some woodstoves at the scrap metal yard.  Here in Oregon they have to be certified stoves or you have to remove them, so a lot of them end up in salvage at 65 cents a pound.  My problem is with dual smokers they need to match. 

    See you soon!
  17. Finally getting to work back on my smokers.  Got last racks built, stack welded in and handles on doors.  Going to see if I can get firebox cut out done in next day or two.

  19. Are you getting these ready for Battle of the Bones?[​IMG]
  20. Trying my best

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