Dual RF Smokers on trailer....My first adventure

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  1. Got the first firebox built today.  Going to try and mount it tomorrow afternoon and then there's the door and the vents to get cut in.  Box is BIG!  I'm guessing it is close to 800+ lbs.  I know I bought the framework on Friday and plate on Saturday and there was 2000 of plate.  I thought I overordered but the first box took half on the nose.  I did buy wood stoves and decided that they just wouldn't be what I wanted and decided to build the boxes from scratch.

    I'm going to put the upper vents that Dave always suggests.  I built insulated box and designed for single wall in door end and where vents are going to be.  For upper vents I opted to put them in ends of box next to cut in for cook chamber.  I will get pics when I get them cut in.

    Here's my carpenter flub up and something to smile at.  I have been struggeling with my welds from the start of this.  In my young days I actually could lay a pretty good bead...passable anyway and since I started this build my welds have been horrible at best.  I have welded and ground more in the last month then I have ever done in my life.  I have been having trouble seeing what I'm doing while welding.  I stocked it up to getting older and blind.  Here's the funny.  This afternoon me and my brother were getting ready to cut off and I noticed a knob on the side of my autodarkening helment.  Newsflash...these helments have a dimmer switch on them....Do I ever feel stupid.  Pic of a weld when I can see.

  2. I wanted to ask if you were going to have granite top food prep areas. That would look awesome. My wife wanted that for mine but the price was prohibitive.
  3. No on the granite.  I could do it in a minute but here's the problem with it....granite is very porous and can harbor germs.  It's a great product but my trailer is going to be inspected bt the state and they won't buy granite because of this fact.  Mine would be ok because I would seal it religisly (spelling) if they let everyone then someone would not do that and someone would be sick.  If you want granit then let me know the size and I'll find a remnant for you...and color.  Going to Sacramento for a job in July would bring it with me.
  4. The last two days have gotten my smoker waaaaaaaaaay far along. Can't wait to start number two next week.

    Firebox with door and vents cut out...upper and lower

    I put a screen in the lower vent just in case


    Tank getting ready to be cut for firebox installation

    Smile for the camera.  Notice how clean and straight the cut is.  Metal carbide blade on a skillsaw.  15 Minutes to cut out.

    Proper fit

    Proper fit other side

    Grinding smiley face after tank was dry fit and traced onto firebox and then cut out.

    Getting ready for weld together.  Firebox lifted up into tank cutout.

    Final product.  Dave, I want to drop firebox over rear of trailer and drop down 6 inches.  What your thought on this
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    Mike, morning.....  Smoker is looking great.....  I use store bought reading glasses in different powers for getting the right distance and clarity to see the weld puddle....   Sure makes a difference when you can see...  LOL.....   That should work fine....  You can put skid plates on the FB in the event it hits.... Skid plates will cause less drag when they hit.... also, If you use a drop hitch, have one that drops lower than level so it will raise the FB up for more clearance....  or casters like some motor homes use to keep from dragging would work....  Being comfortable while cooking is the main problem to solve first...  See what develops there first and then we will worry about the other stuff.... There will be a solution to every problem you encounter.... 

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  6. Many thanks Dave I have thought about the caster thing. I'll make tha I'll make that decision and yo and you are right comfort while cooking
  7. Between yesterday and tonight I finished building and welding solid firebox #2.  Will try to get innards of tank 2 done in next few days.  I want to marry firebox #2 to tank #2 on Monday evening.  It takes two people to Marry because I need a spotter for the forklift to make sure everything gets lined up properly.

    Tank #2 firebox.  Still have door and vents to lay out.  Box weighs a good deal.  I'm guessing 800 plus pounds.  I will say it took all I've got to turn firebox over....and then some

  8. Got door and vents cut into new firebox today.  If you compared this photo to my first tank build you would see fireboxes are identical...a must for dual smokers.

    Cut all fittings off of tanks and got them filled today

    Last but surely not least got smoke stack installed in tank #2 this evening

    Every day I'm trying to at least give these things an hour or two.  There is soooooooooooo much to do to them.  All the little details, like filling the holes in the tanks.  I think if you don't comitt to these projects they would stall and never get finished.  I think this because there is so much more to them than I would have ever guessed.  An awful lot that a person doesn't realize until they start to build and the light goes off....oh ya, I've got to do this or that...all the little details that just pop up.

    Which brings me to my question for you Dave.  Last night I was snooping at East Texas Smokers trying to steal ideas and I picked up on a flame blocking plate in the firebox to keep the flames out of the RF area.  I take it that this would be a good thing?  Your opinion please.
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    Mike, You shouldn't have a flame in the cook chamber once the wood has released  broken down all the solvents and burned them off... then you have the coals and thin blue smoke.....  building a huge fire to start, and getting past the flame stage, so adding small preheated splits and flavor woods to the coals will produce a small flame for a bit is no problem.....   The thick hot bed of coals is what you want to cook on...  The air inlet above the fire grate will also add secondary oxygen to the FB and burn off undesirable solvents, creosotes etc. that didn't get burned off in the initial stage of combustion..... It's acts like an after/secondary burner so to speak...

    Folks have added a heat deflector plate to the underside of the RF plate to reduce heat right out of the FB.....   The air inlet above the fire grate should come close to eliminating that problem by adding cool air and increasing the air flow through the smoker...  Once everything is adjusted, the FB temp is cooler, the CC temp is perfect and less wood is consumed....  So it says in fine print....

    Hope all that makes sense...  I have been wrong before.... probably will be again....   

  10. Haven't had much time but am working on them every minute I get.  These are sooooooooooooooo close to being done.  Can't wait to fire them up.  Ordering thermostats tonight and paint tomorrow.

    Smoker #2.  Just 3 upper racks and hook CC to FB  Then they are basically done.  I will have RF plates sheared in next day or two.  I ordered door latches last night.  Thank you Dragons Breath for the tip on latches (called toggle clamps).  There is a website called "the Toggle Clamp Store" half price of anything on amazon.

    #1 and #2 side by side.  Keep checking, they will be on trailer in next week and what a sight that will be!!!

  11. Just have anti tips on upper racks and handles left.  Going to mount firebox to cook chamber either tomorrow night or Friday night.  Coming together nicely.
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    This build is so cool! Can't wait to see them on the trailer!
  13. Thanks Dirt.  I've put a lot of my heart and soul into this build.
  14. Second firebox installed onto tank.  Ran out of time as usual.  Still need to order legs from metal company.  I found some 1/2 tubing 6"x12" an think they will make a really cool center post type of leg...used steel of course.  Forgot to measure for them though. Hopefully tomorrow night I can get rest of welding done on firebox install.  I welded 90% of exterior tonight and non of interior.  Still amazed at amount of welding involved.

    Proper fit again

    And fitting on the front side

    Top view of firebox fitting before welds

    And there she is with firebox welded on still sitting on table

    Should have pic of the two of them side by side with new front legs and factory small legs removed in my next blog and pics.

    Time for firebox doors and vent doors also.
  15. They are really looking great, can I see them in person at the Battle of the Bones?
  16. I hope so.  I'm moving along as fast as I can and dumping a boat load of money into them.  There's a lot left to do, water, gas elcetrical, the charcoal grill to build....so much, but I am trying.  I have a metal artist working on my sign.So not guaranteeing but going to try.
  17. Went out to shop this morning and finished welding firebox onto smoker #2.  I welded inside as well as outside....solid.  Put tepmoraty leg on so I could get it off of the table.  Also finished installing anti tip brackets to shelving.  met with my HVAC guy to order stainless shelves for smokers and bbq grill.  I have a great HVAC guy who will do my sheetmetal work....cheap.  Has to be the only cheap thing on this build.  I'm going to fab a framework up to hold shelves that will fold up for going down the road.  Still waiting for latches to come in.  Should be here this week.  Doors are next.  I've procrastinated enough on them.  Still got my wood stoves to steal the hinge ideas from.  Also procrastinating on vent doors.  Have a couple of different ideas to try.

    I was reading someone's build last night and I am stealing their idea for the smoke stack vent.....thank you whoever you are.  Basically pillar leg, latches, and doors and ready for paint.  HOPEFULLY be ready by end of next weekend....only because our work load is tremendous right now.

    Smoke on brothers!!!
  18. Latches came today, got them welded on.  Don't know if I really like them but will try them out.

    News of the day, Was accepted in to "Battle Of The Bones" verbally today.  Just got to fill out application and get it in.  For those of you who aen't from Southern Oreon, B.O.B as it's called is a KCBS sponsored bbq competition.  Now I've really got to turn up the fabrication and get er done!
  19. Finally got the steel for the legs.  Got them both built and one installed.  Each leg weighed about 125lbs after out together.

    Legs with feet sitting under them so I can bolt smoker down.

    Also got some 3" x 1/4" angle to weld to firebox so it can be bolted down also.

    This is leg scribed to tank

    Dry fit to tank.  Nice fit

    I think this was a good decision

    Certainly makes a statement
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    Fantastic!  Thanks for the advice and ideas along the way.  Everything is looking great.  I'm a Texas boy, but it looks like you and I have a ton in common...Good Q!

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