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Does pellet type/flavor really matter?


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The lumberjack char hickory I tried on my first Tri Tip was great! Guests commented on smoke flavor and I thought it was just enough to be there and not overwhelming the taste of the meat. I will keep using these or the pure hickory if I could find local. Up to this point I had no discerning flavors or smoke taste...so perhaps it was Tri Tip related but man did it come out perfect! Best cook I have ever done and super easy....I can see why people do this instead of brisket and I preferred it over brisket. Cattleman’s Tri Tip rub was awesome as well.


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Anyone try the Lumberjack competition blend?
I have, it's a nice smoke profile. I go back and forth between it and their 100% hickory.
I have been using a bag of their char hickory lately. It's a little bit spicier version of hickory. Not sure it's going to be a regular smoke though.


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So I did the same trip tip, same seasoning, same temp.....and went from Lumberjack Char Hickory to Traeger gourmet blend from Costco. Lumberjack had a significantly better “smoke” flavor, to me it was very noticeable.

I’m done pellet testing, and as many others have done I will be going only LJ Hickory or char hickory.


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I have, it's a nice smoke profile. I go back and forth between it and their 100% hickory.
Do you find a noticeable flavor difference?

I'm getting a pellet smoker and coming from a stick burner where I have been using 100% cherry for most smokes, but have also started using oak for beef (tri tip and brisket). Picking up a pellet smoker for the convenience and now I'm trying to figure out what pellets to get. Hickory seems to be the most popular flavor pellet, but I'm worried because I see a lot of people saying they give everything a bacon-y flavor.

Pecan has been highly reccomended to me for my stick burner but it looks like it will be similar to, if not slightly milder than, hickory. Anyways, I know I like oak, so I might just start with that and then see if I want to work up to pecan or hickory for some more smoke.

As a second bag I'm on the fence with some of the fruit woods. I'm used to using cherry wood, but many fruit wood blends add some apple. I think this gives a bit more intensity than 100% cherry?

Anyways, sorry for the long post. I just dont want to end up with 100 bags of pellets taking up all my garage space!


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Personally I don't notice a big flavor difference, other than how strong one is compared to another. I think they all taste like smoke.
However I use about 95% Hickory, because for me everything else is a bit too weak, except Mequite, which is too strong.



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I believe you get a little more from the 100% ones as others have said. Last night I bought pellets(I buy LJ), I got 100% hickory and char-hickory. I did get some 100% cherry also. I "think" it makes a difference. But if you really want smoke like from a stick burner, you needs to add something like a heavy D from smokedaddy or a cold smoker added. I'm going to add the cold smoker from smokedaddy to my rec tec.


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I've been using the LJ 100% Hickory for awhile now and it's a great pellet. I may try Cooking Pellets Perfect Blend in the future, it gets great reviews as well.
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