Does anyone marinate ribs before smoking?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by hambone1950, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. hambone1950

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    Maybe I haven't been paying close enough attention , but I can't recall hearing very much about marinating ribs.... And then I just read a comment of someone who swears by it. And I've often wondered about trying it. After all , we brine pork chops and chicken....we marinate steak and chicken and pork....
    So here's my question : do you marinate your ribs?
    Pos? Cons? Experiences or opinions?

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  2. I have never tried marinating ribs myself. Today is my second batch of ribs in the MES ever. First time I didn't have an Amazen Pellet smoker and the creosote taste was so horrible. I am hoping that todays batch will turn out much better. I have stuck with the traditional mustard and rub in the fridge over night (technically marinating???? I'm not sure). I will be keeping an eye on this thread as well!!![​IMG]
  3. raastros2

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    never have and prob never willbut thats just because i dont like wet ribs...i know some guys that marinate their spares to make asian style ribs
  4. hambone1950

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    OK! Not much love for marinating ribs up in here.....duly noted! :grilling_smilie:
  5. glocksrock

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    I've thought about trying to marinade them, just never got around to it. I guess it couldn't hurt to try it though.
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  6. pgsmoker64

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    Well, I guess you could consider what I do a marinade...technically!

    I apply rub to the ribs the night before the smoke and wrap them in plastic wrap and foil.  When you unwrap them to put them on the smoker they are covered in a lovely pasty liquid that was rub and is now marinade!  Whaddaya think?

  7. jirod

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    I've marinated them in apple juice with a little vinegar and the rub I was going to use.  It was ok.  Personally though I just put the rub on, wrap them and throw them in the fridge overnight.

    I also wrap after 2-3 hours of cooking, with some apples juice, brown sugar, more rub, etc.  So I think I get a lot of the same flavor from that as marinating.  To me ribs are generally thin enough that each bite has a pretty decent ratio of bark to meat, and get a lot of flavor from that.  Some thicker cuts like chops/loins/brisket/pp/shoulder I get marinating or injecting more.  But again just my opinon the way I do ribs I don't think I gain much marinating.  But I'm pretty much a newbie myself.
  8. hambone1950

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    Agree. I think a dry rub is just a dry marinade when you get right down to it....good point. Thumbs Up
  9. hambone1950

    hambone1950 Master of the Pit Group Lead

    Right. I think the general consensus is that ribs dont benefit much from marinating. I was just curious if many folks did it....I think the tried and true dry rub method is the way to go as a rule.....but I might just try it once to see what it's like.
  10. fct202

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    It's has been a while but I used to regularly marinade pork spares and baby back ribs in dr pepper. Soak them over night before smoking them. Always had good results.
  11. [​IMG]i put either cherry juice & brown sugar with honey or apple sauce with brown sugar with honey set frig. overnight
  12. jeffed76

    jeffed76 Meat Mopper

    Sounds good, what proportions do you use?
  13. av8tor

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    I started marinating our ribs per Myron Mixons book and loved them so always do it now. Ginger Ale, Orange juice, Soy Sauce and powdered ranch dressing. 4 hours and good to go.
  14. jeffed76 about 2.5 cups cherry juice or apple sauce .5 cup of brown sugar honey a good squeeze
  15. thoseguys26

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    I've seen members here, including 'bear' making bacon on a stick, which is cured ribs and they looked great but I've never personally made/tried them.
  16. I marinate my ribs, I think it makes the best ribs going.  I use Cider Vinegar, Apple Juice and vegetable oil and whatever spice I have or can think of.  I put that in the fridge for about 36 hours, overhaul the ribs every 12 hours while I am marinating them.  I then take them out of the Marinade, wash them off, dry them off and apply Honey and whatever rub I am using at that time.  Then back into the fridge, tightly wrapped in plastic wrap.  The next morning, into the smoker for the 3 - 2 - 1 method @ 225.  We had our local ribfest about 2 weeks ago, and I made some this same weekend, the people who went to the ribfest and had mine, said mine were much better.

    [​IMG]         [​IMG]       [​IMG]
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  17. I don't marinade ribs. I do rub them as my chimney and cooker are coming up to temp. I don't open the cooker until 5 hrs for spares and 4 hrs for baby backs if I am going to glaze. If not I wait for 6 hours for spares and 5 for baby backs. Then test for tenderness. I try to run the cooker at 250-275*.
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  18. hambone1950

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    Well! A little love for marinating ribs in the second half. I think I want to try that dr pepper marinade that fct202 well on pork butt , so why not?
  19. flash

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    Beef ribs yes. Pork ribs I have never tried.
  20. jeffed76

    jeffed76 Meat Mopper

    When you say overhaul them every 12 hours, do you mean new marinade every 12 hours?

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