Schnitzel ( Double cut loin chops )

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Wow chop! That is a killer plate executed perfectly! For our “first” pre deployment wedding we had Schnitzel for the rehearsal diner. We love it, that looks ideal to me!
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That is just beautiful and I could eat that a lot, and fresh rolls also.
Thanks David .
Schnitzel recipes I have
the last 2 weeks to see which way to go and how I want to proceed.
Trying to do in the smoker.
I do breaded pork steaks on the kettle . Should be a thread on them here somewhere .
Chris gmc2003 gmc2003 does something similar .
bill ace 350 bill ace 350 inspired me when I saw his German themed pork plate the other day . Still has my mouth watering .
I had a whole boneless pork loin that I needed to do something with . I cut a 3 pound hunk out and got it cured up to go into a Umai bag in a couple weeks .
Then double cut some chops with the rest . Decided to butterfly them . Seasoned the up with some Canadian steak and vac sealed for the fridge .
Here's the basics of how it went . Cut the chops earlier in the week .

View attachment 656790

View attachment 656791

View attachment 656792
View attachment 656793
Vac'd and in the fridge for about 3 days .

View attachment 656794

I had some dough in the fridge from an old family recipe that Ryan and myself have been
" De-coding " I think we have it figured out .
Baked up another batch .
View attachment 656788
View attachment 656789
As I kept thinking about Bills pork plate , I got to thinking about Schnitzel .
Got the chops out to warm up on the counter . I just left them in the vac bag
and pounded them as this as I could , right in the bag .

Basic 3 stage breading . Flour , egg , then Panko .
Then into a 1940's or 50's Wagner Sidney 0 That came from my Grandma .
I ate plenty of chops from this when I was a kid .
Enough oil in the pan so the chops float .
View attachment 656795
All 3 fried up and on a rack to drain and stay crisp .
View attachment 656796
I didn't have any potatoes , so opted for some mushroom rice .
Knorr's brand , and roasted some carrots in the oven .
Squeeze of lemon on the chop . Don't skip the lemon .
View attachment 656797
View attachment 656798
Chop was really tender . That long dry brine under vacuum works good .
Coating stuck good too . Nice and crispy .

That skillet I used is like glass . Cleans up nice .
View attachment 656810

Thanks for lookin .
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Awesome job! It looks delicious! I laid the other half of my dough out earlier for the buns, glad you mentioned it! I would fight the no gravy thing as well but will give it a try with lemon.
Sounds like someone is enabling a jaccard buying spree! :emoji_blush:

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Man oh man Chop those are just perfect! You would have me chained to the table for seconds and thirds! Oh and that CI pan is a beautiful pan!!!
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Man oh man Chop those are just perfect!
Thank you sir .
Oh and that CI pan is a beautiful pan!!!
I have both of the pans that my Mom cooked in when I was a kid , and my Grandma before her . The smaller one is a 1940's Lodge #8 . This is right after I redid them .
They're both nice and dark now . I use them almost everyday .
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Rich, those chops? Fantastic!! That bread is right there, as well! Right up my alley...
It was a great meal . I need to put it into the rotation . Nice change of pace .
Thanks for lookin .
Dang Rich! I love schnitzel. Yours looks amazing!
Just a bit thinner would have been perfect , but still really good . I left the fat cap on them , made for a nice crispy edge .
Thanks for the comment .
I do miss that beer.
JC in GB JC in GB
I did chill up Das boot yesterday . Filled it with a gift from another member .
Would have been great with the schnitzel .
Great way to use up extra pork loin; about the only way I can get better-half to eat it
(super thin and fried). Nice looking plate!
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