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Do I have a good plan?


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I have only cooked packers or corned beef but I always rest for a couple of hours. The next one I think I’m going to go with a shorter rest time and I think I’m going to just rest it on the counter. I always wrap in butcher paper or foil.



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Welcome aboard, I think you will like it hear, as you have seen lots of folks happy to help out.

Resting is all about letting the juices redistribute through the meat, any dense cut of meat should be rested.

If you had a good meal and enjoyed yourself, than you did well.

Next time, if you leave it on the grate a bit longer, before wrapping, then you will have a darker bark and color on it. I usually let it get to the stall (150-160ish). This also gives it more time to pick up some more smoke flavor.

Not having a sliced or plated shot is a major phoba. :-) we call it the money shot. We are all junkies for BBQ porn. :-)

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