Dino Ribs: Inaugural Run With The New Hy-Fyre (Lotsa Pics)

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tx smoker

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Apr 14, 2013
Lago Vista, Texas
I posted the new smoker build I did and broke it in last weekend with a rack of Dino ribs. I needed to make a couple of minor tweaks to the smoker the past few days but overall I am truly astounded with this thing. Primary heat source is a combination of charcoal and wood with the availability of precision temp control with a supplemental propane burner. For this one I was running with oak along with the charcoal. Turned out to be a great combination. Oh and yes civilsmoker civilsmoker I decided to keep the name...that is until I think of something better or somebody else comes up with a better name.

A load of charcoal in the pan.

Fire up the smoker with the burner running high to get the charcoal going. This took about 10 minutes. TBS against the thunder clouds.

The ribs: 4 pounds 12 ounces for 4 ribs. These things are enormous.

Seasoned up with my beef rub.

A full 2 1/2" thick with some beautiful marbling.

Smoker is at 250 and running light smoke so time to put the ribs on.


At the 3 hour mark. Getting some pull-back and nice color.

The 4 hour mark. Time to start mopping.

I knew I built that side shelf for a reason :emoji_laughing:

6 hours in. I know I'm biased but something about this picture I really like.

My target temp was 250. Missed by a little bit but for my first run on this cooker I'll take this. It was at this temp the entire time.

Got some jalapeno cheddar cornbread put together.

A batch of my Wasabi horseradish slaw.

Cornbread on the grill.

We do love this stuff!! Cornbread done.

7 hours cook time and the ribs are probing like butter. Time to bring them in to rest a bit.

Sliced. One of them is pretty fatty but the other three are super meaty. Moist, tender, juicy, and the aroma is off the charts.

Look how juicy these things are...and this is a real pic. No basting or mopping here for presentation.

Plated and out to the patio to enjoy dinner before the monsoon hits.

I'll take this every day for a well cooked rib. Just a little tug but pulled perfectly clean from the bone.

In summary I love the efficiency of the cooker. Of course it took a little bit of tweaking to get it where I wanted it to be but once there it was effortless to maintain it. Flavor was outstanding and as noted, they were perfectly cooked, I was just lacking the coveted smoke ring...again. When I built the last smoker I had the same issue. I know the ring does not bring anything to the party as far as flavor, I just like to see it and know I've made BBQ. A year or so ago I had a lengthy discussion with Eric ( SmokinEdge SmokinEdge ) about the possible cause of the lack of smoke ring. Sunday morning I went back and re-read our entire conversation and a couple things jumped out at me which might be the issue and I overlooked them during the build. Over the past 5 days I've made several minor mods to the rig based on info from Eric and will be smoking a "trimmed" brisket tomorrow. Let's hope that what I did solves my issue. If not I guess I'll have to build another smoker :emoji_laughing:

This has been yet another very lengthy post so gonna call it done. Y'all take care and have a fantastic weekend.

That’s a fantastic smoker and a great example of plate ribs, but what the H-E double hockey sticks is going on with the smoke ring? That smoker should make perfect bbq including smoke ring. I do like the design and efficiency of your new smoker though, well done.
That smoker should make perfect bbq including smoke ring.
Thanks Eric. It does make perfect BBQ but was still lacking the ring. When I re-read our conversation I noticed you mentioning that with the heat and smoke entering the cook chamber through channels up the sides and possibly just sticking to the sides as opposed to making it's way through the cook chamber, one of the things I did was add deflector plates at the bottom to push the smoke off the walls and to the center of the CC. We will see tomorrow and I'll update you and civilsmoker civilsmoker about all the mods and the results. This has been one fun and very informative journey!! We will get there, I promise :emoji_wink:

Looks really good. You got the smoker dial In right. Yank is gonna get excited when he seems them bones showing 😂
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Well Robert all I have to say is that is just beautiful, nice first cook ,

FROM THIS ( I love how thick this is and the marbling :emoji_yum: :emoji_yum: )

TO THIS, ( finger licking good, and left overs for the puppy 🐶)

Just a great post of a great rack of ribs. as always Robert another fine meal

If it was not such a long haul from here to Texas , I would hit you up for a slab on a plate like that :emoji_yum::emoji_sunglasses:🤠

I bet there was a big sigh of relief from folks knowing you can't enter the TD Robert. Those ribs look perfect.

Point for sure
Very very cool! Looks delicious to boot! Great job all around!
but what the H-E double hockey sticks is going on with the smoke ring?
I remember something else you noted in our discussion. Soil composition where the trees are grown play a big role in the generation of the smoke ring. The nutrients (nitrogen??) are a major contributor. The oak I used for this cook was harvested locally from lot clearing for new construction of houses. In this area there is no soil, it's solid rock. I doubt that limestone has much nitrogen in it so that may also be part of why there is no smoke ring. I'll be using different wood today so got my fingers X'ed.

Looks really good. You got the smoker dial In right.
Thanks so much. The way the smoker is set up, getting it dialed in was pretty easy.
Yank is gonna get excited when he seems them bones showing
Oh now that's funny!! There is a striking resemblance though, isn't there?? :emoji_laughing:

Looks fantastic for sure and I gotta say oh yea to wasabi slaw!!
Very much appreciate it my friend. I've posted the slaw several times. The addition of a little Wasabi horseradish really brings it to life. Doesn't take much....unless you're making a 55 gallon drum of it which is right up your alley :emoji_wink:

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I see your nose a running. Running down the highway. Looking for adventure, whatever comes its way.
That's just so wrong that it's right. A double negative making a positive perhaps? Very interesting take on one of the best songs ever.

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