Diabetes and a little help..

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Meat Mopper
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Dec 27, 2010
Joetown, MO

I have had Type 2 now for over 5 years and I am blessed as I am winning my battle with the big "D".. Here is a GREAT message Board that can help any of you on questions you might have that you don't want to ask on here... It has taught me so much.  Also any of you can PM me and I will try to help out any way I can...   You need to keep your morning Blood Sugars under 120 if you can...  I still eat great, still drink beer. Watch my carbs on other things and work out somewhat...

Total Cholesterol: 160
HDL: 50
LDL: 90
Triglycerides: 106
A1c Test: 5.5

All right down from 5.8 4 months ago. It has been 5 years since I have had an A1C test over 6.0... 
Weight stayed the same as in November, overall down 29 pounds last year...  I still need to lose about 25 more..  
 This will help me also. I'm not giving up my BBQ though,good thing Protien is good stuff-LOL

Glad you are getting better, stick in there,"Q" is just as good without sugar,so I'M there

Have fun and remember...;}-
Congrats man.  That low carb diet is the real deal.  I am lucky not to have the big D, but I have dropped about 30 lbs over the last year cutting out the sugar and starches.  Any diet that lets me eat ribs every weekend is A-OK with me.
Congrats sir! I have a dear friend with type 2 and I enjoy finding special things I can make sugar free for him. His fave is the sugar free banana pudding! Keep up the good work!
Now I'm not saying I am perfect by a long ways, you just don't have to quit having a good time if you watch what you do...
Hey Pote-thanks for posting that link. It was a reminder that I joined that site in 2009.
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