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Feb 12, 2017
Good morning

As you may have seen in my other thread (Here), we are trying to figure how to best get out pool area situated.

What suggestions or experience do you have for pool deck / patio storage?

Just go with a big (150 gallon+) deck storage box?

Goal is to store pool toys, rafts, extra stuff, etc. We have four little boys, so yeah...
Maybe post some pics of the pool area to help give everyone a better idea of your set up so people can be of more help. I find it easier to give advice if I can see the situation.
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Is your pool fenced off so the boys can't get in there, kind of critical with youngsters. Ours isn't, we don't have kids, and my dog swims better than I do. We have a couple of sheds, the big one is a 10'x10', it's nice to have sheds that are tall enough to stand up in. RAY

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You can buy a pair of chests to store your pool supplies. Or there is the same kind of lockers. But the thing is, they take up space on the property. There's also the option of storing your pool stuff in the garage if, of course, you have space there. Oh, I've also seen a tricky way on the internet - it works if you have a deck. You make a stash on the terrace with a door on the floor. This way, you can save space. If you can't make a stash in your deck, you can try expanding it The idea is to turn an exterior element into a resting place and storage space
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lifetime makes storage boxes that are pretty sweet. ive had one for a very long time and its holding up great! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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