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Patio Umbrellas Help - Windy Conditions


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Good morning

What suggestions, experience, etc. do you have for using patio umbrellas in windier conditions (not talking a hurricane, but a decent wind)?

Situation: we have finished our pool area, and we need some shade. We live up on a bit of a bluff, and we are pretty open, thus, we get wind pretty consistently.

I tried a rectangle umbrella, in a heavier base, in a dining table, and the pivot point towards the top has already broke. Link for reference

A year or two ago, I used quick crete around a PVC pipe, in a five gallon bucket, dropped into a large planter. I have a round umbrella in this, and it seems to do well. The planter with the bucket is super heavy.

Do you have any experience with large offset umbrellas? Something like this

Other ideas or suggestions?

I’m only interested in umbrellas for this area.


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Sorry no help here. I use an ez-up canopy.



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I don't have any experience with umbrellas but my mom has 2 around her pool similar to the ones you posted in the Costco link. She loves them and the canopy moves with the wind instead of being stationary which traps the wind. As far as I know here have been up since she got them with no issue


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I know people that have the ones like in the Costco link . Like Jake said , no issues .
I have one like you said broke . I don't leave it up all the time . I have had strong winds take the whole table with the umbrella before . Mine sits close to the house . I used a dog tie out ( cable with a spring ) and tied it from the top of the umbrella back to a truss tail . I've since taken it down . It worked , just didn't like the stress on the structure .

You can buy these if you want to try a tie down point . I have installed these for other people . They sit flush , and have an insert when not in use . You just have to deal with a tether .

Just some ideas .

Edit , Just wanted to say that I installed the anchors for an Easy up canopy .


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I've gone thru a couple of umbrellas trying to keep the sun off of my offset during summer cooks, the CC gets up to 150º with nothing in it. Forget to take them down, wind comes up and they snap. I can keep the smoker temp down to around 275º without the umbrella, good enough for Aaron Rodgers it's good enough for me. RAY

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