Daughter requested ribs tonite

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Rafter H BBQ

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Jun 18, 2013
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So as stated above, my daughter (she's six) walked up to me with her big brown eyes staring up at me and said "Daddy, would you make me some ribs tonite ?" How could I tell my little girl no, so a mad dash to the market and here we are. I'll include some pics.
Here they are all prepped and waiting for the GMG to get to temp.
So I was hoping to let the rub (Jeff's rub Thumbs Up) melt into the ribs a little more but it was 4:00, kind of a spur of the moment plan so I felt kinda hurried to get them on the smoker. So here they are on the GMG at 250*.

Will update later.
That's a black hole! Kind of funny my youngest wanted ribs too! Fired up the Mini and that's what we had!

I don't season any of the meat we smoke until just before they go on the smoker!
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Lookin good, WHB! Hope your daughter enjoyed those ribs...


Thanks Red, yes she likes her ribs ! Thanks for lookin and dropping me a line, have not chatted with ya for a while and good to hear from ya. Hope all is well with you and yours. Justin
Looks good ....... daughter has good taste!

Thanks foam, yeh she's my little sidekick and loves the grill. She'll probably out cook her old man here in a few years, she's a lot of fun to cook with as she's into it so much. Thanks for dropping me a line, good to hear from ya ! Justin
They look good. I love it when my kids help me cook. It's amazing how something like a smoker brings family and friends together.
They look good. I love it when my kids help me cook. It's amazing how something like a smoker brings family and friends together. :thumb1:

Thanks Shinny, I appreciate it! Yeh, I tell ya what the family loves the smoker and we use it probably more than the oven. I will post the rest of the pics this morning as by the time it was all said and done it was gettin kinda late. And ya hit it, I really enjoy when my kids help cook. I'am really glad it interests them enough to pull up a chair and ask if they can help. Justin
Well for a spur of the moment smoke, I think they turned out pretty good. I think the photo shows it but they had a real nice smoke ring.


Here's the final shot before we chowed down. The green salad courtesy of Mrs. WHB and she also hit a sale on some mussels. Simmered them in a little butter and garlic. I have to say it was a tasty and enjoyable dinner. Now onto some wings today for the game! Can't wait, should be a really good one. Justin
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Thanks Red, can't tell ya how much that means coming from you. Your one of the greats on this site. :77: I truly appreciate all the great folks I have had the pleasure to meet on this site. Again, thank you for your kind remarks... Justin
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