Dang Smoker Controler Went "T U" plan B

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Nov 3, 2011
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So for Christmas dinner we were going to do a double smoked ham in the fridge buuuuuutttttttt no. plugged in the controller this morning and had a error Message come up "EP" looked it up and sensor went out

So ham and was ready to already go into the smoker so I just said I will cold smoke it for a couple of hrs then put her into the oven,

so her we go.

8lb ham - I know it is bought please don't the the pigs after me

Ready for the rub

mustard coat

covered in jeffs run then I had a little of this.....>>>>>>

So we'll see how it turns out

Dinner in a few hrs just wife and kids her today so we will do nothing real fancy today.

Merry Christmas to all

More to come later on
Necessity is the mother of invention I believe is how the saying goes. Nice rebound.

I bet everyone loved it and you were the only one that knew how fast on your feet you are......

Hope ya had a Happy Happy.
Thanks Foamheart, I moved so fast I know have a kink in my back and a bruise on my back side

Great way to think outside the normal box and save the day.  Looks like it came out great!

Just curious, but was it real cold that morning?  Sensor might have been "out of range" and not defective.  If it's a loose sensor, take a cup of hot water and dip it to warm it up and try again.  If it's fixed and not "dipable", try a blow dryer to warm it up.  Same for the control box. I've heard of some models that just will not work when the air temp falls below a certain point, but function great once you kick start them with a little warmth.
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DS great save! But so many things wrong with this smoke!!! Store bought ham, mustard binder, and Jeff's "run". Ewe!!!!!!! Oh wait that's Lamb!

Looks like it turned out Great though!! Nice work on the fly!
Yup quick thinking. You need a back up. I built a uds in case my MES died. And am building a mini in case the uds goes south. Lol
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