cured my desire for a gosm

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Dec 14, 2006
Everett Washington
well today I finally got my hands on a gosm least to check out, and I have to tell you, I'm cured of the need for I thought they were insulated.....NOT......and this thing was super cheap in build quality....I was rather unimpressed.......for me 100 bucks more and I could buy another masterbuilt lectric and be happier (plus have more room then the gosm)........ also looked at a brinkman offset.....same sad result, cheap build and the dang thing was only 50 bucks cheaper then a new masterbuilt......... maybe I'm jaded......but these things really left me with a sad sad feeling........

(not trying to start a flame thread either....I know there are alot of happy gosm folks......I just expect at least some insulation and better build quality then what I saw....)
i think thats why they are like $98 at walmart now...
i was looking at them as well..
when you open the door it rattles like a filing cabinet...
not great quality in the one i saw either..

you can buy the brinkman version of the same smoker for $59 at wally world, about the same quality but for less money
well the brinkman version is charcoal.....not propane, and it was just as poorly built.......glad I'm not the only one who was so unimpressed with the thing........heck it was no better built then my old luhr jensen big chief!!!!!
the very first time i smoked was on a little chief.... no front door had to lift the whole thing off... what a pain in the butt..

mind you i did make some good jerky and smoked trout in it... just took forever even with it being protected from the
Hey smoked;
Here come the GOSM 's to run over your A$$

I know they turn out a lot of good smokes as can be seen here on the forum. Who needs insulation if ya got all them BTU's?
While I would like to see the GOSM more insulated, you can't argue with so many satisfied owners and smoking success stories.

Let me ask you this, your smoker next to mine in -25* degree outdoor temp and 20-30mph winds, you have the same protection I have, a wind break.....can you do it??? I know I can, and did with no problem,just some extra gas. If I want to crisp up the skin on some yardbirds I turn a knob and in a couple minutes I'm running at 350*deg, can you??? Power goes out I'm still

Like I said earlier, would I like to see better quality?, of course, but that can be said about most things now a days. I have a saying....... " you get what you pay for if your lucky". Hard to argue with so many satisfied folks. Me being one of them!!!!
I started out smoking on the Little Chief, I still have 2 though they don't see much action. The GOSM for me was a springboard smoker, I probably only had a couple disasters with it but it's like an old friend, still come back to it for those short weeknight cooks when I don't have time to fool around with coals. Most of the display models of the uninsulated ones looked like crap, missing parts, crooked doors some with vents some without. But I've never regretted getting it for a minute. I have a few different cookers to play with some I really enjoy some I'm still getting to know, I am amazed at how many of my co-workers have them and they love them! You really should give it a try IMO.
Smoked, I just reread my post and must apoligize, I sure didn't mean to come on so strong
So sorry, I guess I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. I'll go punish myself now
I fully expected I said to begin with, I didn't want to start a "flame" post.....I just was dissappointed in what I saw in the unit, never said it would not do a good job, just was not up to snuff for what I expect and thusly I've decided to go a different route........take note, I was highly dissappointed in what I saw in a brinkman offset smoker as well as their charcoal version of the gosm ......... part of life being a quality engineer....I expect more then what I should I guess
Don't be sorry for pee'n on the floor Tonto!

Nothing wrong w/an argument between friends.

All I have to say is TRAEGER..........HICKUP........BURP.........MILWAU KEES BEST.

I didn't see anything wrong w/either posts from Tonto or Smoked. Its all opinions, everybody is right.

Ya gotta stand up for what ya believe in. Nobody here is gonna take it wrong...........if they do.........well they will get over it.

This kinda stuff makes it fun, ya get each "side of the fence". Might help someone who is looking into a different smoker.

I'd love for someone to not like a traeger, I'll give'm all the +'s & -'s.
I love a good debate myself Big Al (trust me
), but there are ways to say somthing without getting nasty about it and I broke my own rule.

Like Smoke stated, he wasn't saying that it is a bad smoker, he was just dissapointed in the lack of quality of construction and truth be told I can't argue with that.
Kind of a basic rule is taking effect. The customer doesn't like it, the customer doesn't buy it. Eventually when sales fall off the company fixes the problems or the drop the line.

I lean toward smoked's thinking too. Although I use a GOSM.. I only paid $50 for it... can't beat that and can't argue quality. If I were paying full price I would be pretty picky too. But as the good tonto stated.. when the power is out or the weather is cold (really cold in her case) you just fire it up and go.

Good and bad in everything... so put away those sorry puppy dog eyes tonto and smoke us something good and smoked... go find us the perfect smoker and maybe we'll all get one

Big Al I don't wanna hear it (traeger)
I feel compelled to chime in. I have a GOSM that I bought at Gander Mountain, which is not built as flimsily (if that is a word) as the ones I've seen at Wally World or Sam's Club. True, the floor display had parts missing (they probably got feet and walked right out the door), but mine came out of the box and went together without problem. I have learned to use it to good effect, and all who have been invited to partake have raved about the Que.

I will probably purchase an offset someday when I figure out how to get that purchase past Mrs. Meowey.

Just my $0.02!!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Basing your opinion of the GOSM on the Wal-Mart cheapy will leave you without all the facts. I was just looking at the narrow the little version there the other night. It is obviously left over from last year and has been very neglected and abused. The Big Block version most members use is built quite a bit better, though I agree insulation would be nice. I think if it were very insulated in the warmer months it would cause problems with combusting wood while maintaining a low and slow temp.

I myself think Theresa's post was fine considering. So, can you hang and bang with a GOSM when it's cold and the powers out?
I do not own a GOSM or and electric. I did however decide to convert a wood/charcoal smoker to another source of fuel. I thought about going electric as I could have done the conversion cheaper and the controls are much easier to purchase, but I decided I did not want to be tied to an extension cord.

So I'm with Chad and Theresa, can you hang with the propane boys when it's cold and the power goes out? Also can you take it to the woods and go camping? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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