cured my desire for a gosm

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Smoked, you are right on the money about the quality or lack there of the the current crop of GOSM's that you can find at Wal-mart. I will admit to buying a used GOSM, but the guy I bought my unit from got it before Great Outdoors was bought out and the manufacturing was taken up north. Now if you wanted an insulated GOSM, you had to pay the extra bucks $150-200 and move up to the stainless steel version.

I don't know if CFM (or is it CMF??) is making two versions of the GOSM (one they make for Wally's World and one the make for eveyone else), but it seems that Lowes, Home Depot and the local Cabela's have a better quality GOSM product than does W.W.
I did not realize there were a difference in the GOSM 's depending on were you purchased them, I like Meowy bought my big block from Gander Mountain, and while I still wish they were a bit more insulated and they had designed the door a bit better, I have never had any complaints.
I don't own a GOSM, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, but I think you work w/what ya got. My Traeger has it's problems, my bullets have theirs. The BEST smoker you can buy you will make yourself.

Along w/Smoked, price & quality don't equal out right.

It also seams to me that the smoker you have, you stand up for. It may only be a POS bucket, but you'll swear by it. Your protecting your territory w/words..........if we were dogs we'd pee around our smokers to ward off strays. That I do........gotta go when ya gotta go!

If everyone on here had the same smoker, there would be less members.

If people didn't speak their mind, we would think less.

Great post Smoked! Great reply Tonto. I think you guys made everyone think a little bit.............except me................but you made me drink a little more.
Well said, Big AL!!

It's the differences that add the spice to life. (Or was that the chili powder?)

Take care, have fun, and do good!


well I was gonna drop by lowes on the way home from work, but was just too dang tired......however I did think of perhaps wally world was getting el cheapo versions.......
I got my GOSM Big Block at Gander Mountain and thought the quality was a lot better than Wally World ,Sam's or other places. And for insulated models are nice but not at that price .I went out and bought a 4' x 8' x 1" sheet of insulation and insulated it myself for about $ 20.00 . And now I have a insulated GOSM !
I felt the same way as Smoked about the Wally World verticals but ...

As we all know Wally World pressures companies to make CHEAP versions of products for them. If they want the business from a mega giant like Waly World they'll build something cheap for them at their price or Wally World will go to China and get them to make it instead.

The UNFORTUNATE thing is alot of people shop at Wally World and judge companies based on the Wally World el cheapo versions of their products so you might tend to turn your nose up at a another great product because of this.

That being said ... how many $100 smokers are insulated?

How many smokers are purchased and have to have tons of mods done to get them to work correctly?

If I buy a $100 smoker and pay $50 for mods do I still have a $100 smoker?

If it works for you it's a great smoker - if it doesn't work for you get another one!


Just as side note - I could have bought a standard ECB at Wally World for I think $39 It wasn't right for me so I bought an All-in-One online paid an extra $100 and got alot more stuff. I can fry turkeys, steam corn AND I can brew beer on it!

So How many of you can say you can brew beer on your smokers? ROFLMAO!
just to add......we were wandering around today, hit lowes and all they had were two ECB versions......been there done that....... found a great place to buy meat at during that trip thou....... so we hit gi joes and looked at what they had, several of my masterbuilts in, but they also had another version of the gosm, different place and I have to say it was much better but price tag was 280...........and still not insulated, but propane........I think if I go that route I'll end up with another masterbuilt.......and yes I know....loose power and your screwed, but that's why you own generators!!!! (we only loose power in 3 situations....1. major windstorm or snowstorm etc.... not gonna be smoking during that anyway, 2. earthquake......think the last thing I will worry about is meat on a smoker at that point, 3. didn't pay the bill......well then it's my own damn fault!)
I hear you Smoked. I just didn't realize that all GOSMs were not created equally,and in this neck of the woods if I didn't smoke in the snow and cold I would be limiting my smoking to somtimes close to half a year

Good to hear that you scored with a butcher, I know you were having a hard time finding what you wanted meat wise. I Just purchased some buckboard bacon cure along with the slicer from instawares,gonna try my hand at some bacon.
your gonna love that slicer kiddo....and you got a better deal with the coupon, debi was hoping to get one, I didn't care, just needed something better.......fact is....damn good price and i hope they follow thru with a cheese blade and blade sharpener for it that is all affordable as well.

we don't get alot of snow out here, but wind yes, rain yes...... I was really hoping for good things from the wally world gosm shame that is not reality, so it goes....and the other locker style one at gi joes that was almost 3 times the cost was not that much I figure I'll just hold off for now and either end up buying another masterbuilt or building my own later on depending on how much capacity I really need......I just like my toys is all
I've still got some buckboard in the fridge curing along with a canadian, picked up some casings also sheep and hog so I can do snack sticks and brats.........time to fire up the grinder again!!!!
well nothing at lowes.....didn't run up to home depot but last time I looked they only had ECB's out here also. Did check for the stainless one, found it from "vermont casting" aka.....CFM, but's almost 700 bucks!!!!! looks damn nice thou....
they don't have them for the unit yet.....I've asked the dude at weston over it and he said this slicer is very new and there should be more stuff for it in the future, including both of those items.....I still will want to tinker in my shop and build a new sliding table for it so I can do bigger cuts, that was one thing I didn't like, big blade but still small table for it......but for 84 bucks who really could complain??????? (I pointed out the 10" one at the place we found the meat at today that comes with sharpener and all.....600 bucks.....little lady understood right off, but I also had to remind her.....that one is a professional unit hint hint hint
Smoked ........ my Evil Twin,

Buy some sort of offset that you can use some charcoal and/or wood .......... I love mine ........... Its more work, but that means more time to drink beer ....... I bought my electric for the real cold, & rainy days to use in my garage (and many more reasons than that) and I like it just fine ............... But there seems to be more Q taste & smoke ring when I use the offset ........ Just a thought, not a sermon
That's correct. CFM is the parent company of Great Outdoors, Vermont Castings and one other company that I can't remember. I own a VCS-5016 grill and the stainless version of the GOSM from VC is what got me interested in the GOSM to begin with. I did some research, found they made the GOSM as well as the 700 dollar stainless, double walled (no insulation) version, and decided that 179 and tax was good deal. I also found out that before they move the stainless version to the VC line, it was offered as a GOSM, but with the VC tag they could charge more (Exact same smoker though). All parts (burners, grates, water dish, etc) are exact same part numbers except the cabinet/door and thermometer/name tag.

As for cooking ability, I've smoked on well made off-sets, ecb's, GOSM's and hand made double stacked barrel (not BDS upright types) smokers, and I gotta tell you, I really love how easy the GOSM is to work. Set it and forget it but keep the water dish full and you got some great food coming your way. The main reason I went to propane is I can't get my beloved mesquite here in Denver as readily as I could in west Texas (still chaps my rear to pay for BAGS of wood chips/chunks but that's another thread). But, as some have said, cold isn't a problem, wind and rain don't bother it too much, and I'm even considering converting it to NG when I buy my new house. Maybe by then CFM/VC will have come down in price for the Stainless version :) is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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