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Discussion in 'Pork' started by stolps, May 30, 2016.

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    I'm fairly new to the BBQ world and am loving it. Yesterday I thought I would try something, I picked up a pack of rib cut CSRs and used an injection on them. I let them sit over night and rubbed them down 4 hours before I threw them in the smoker. I sprayed them with the left over injection every hour and flipped them once during the cook. They cooked for 3 hours over a 225 degree smoke of apple, hickory and pecan mix. The last 30 minutes I mopped them with a sauce and turned the heat up to 375. They were unbelievable tender and juicy. Every time I have ever tried to grill CSRs they either come out tough or dry. Will upload Qview shortley
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    Sounds like a great cook, nice job ! CSR's can get overcooked easily which makes them tough & dry ! I personally go by the probe test with them... When ya can stick a temp probe or toothpick in them & it slides in with little resistance, they are done !
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    That's really good to know. I will use that from now on. I did cook them to an IT of about 160. Have to admit I was worried until I got into them. Thanks for the advice!
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    No problem, hope that helps ! Your cook sounds great, if ya get a chance post up a pic !
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    Sounds like a great smoke.

    Looking forward to seeing some pics!

  6. stolps

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    before, with injection.
    after: with a side of slaw, smoked baked beans and grilled stuffed jalapenos.

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