Wally world had B&B briquttes in stock.

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Dec 17, 2019
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I've lways been a blue bag guy. Seen a lot of talk about B&B briquettes. Always wanted to try, but not enough to trapse through SE Florida to go to ACE.
Crap Book had B&B in a Walmart feed. clicked and saw 17.6lb bag for $9.97. Lo and behold my ghetto Walmart had them in stock. Your mileage may vary by geography. I only got 2 but might circle back. The garden stooge Said they just started getting them in.
This has been a public service message.
I've been using B&B almost exclusively for a number of years, and like it very much. It's readily available in my neck of the woods - Academy and Ace stores always have it in stock. I feel it's a very good value for the money. I buy both their lump and their briqs. I like to run the briquettes in my gravity feed smoker - it seems to have a long, consistent burn. And I always use the B&B oak or hickory lump in my Webber Kettle. A little sparky, but burns hot and lasts a good long time.

I get it at Academy sports . Good stuff . I think Ace hardware keeps it stocked to .
Thanks for the reminder . Think I'll grab a couple backs tomorrow .
guess I better grab a couple more before I test. Walmart always has it to be shipped, but there something satisfying about grabbing your bag before you buy. I gotten enough golf ball sized bags of lump to know it gets the UPS or yellow freight drop kick, before the Walmrt mutants get it. not fortunant enough to have Academy here, an 10 miles of Miami traffic sux, just for ACE, plus the price is lower than blue bag, by a skosh.
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