Crap I Za been workin on.

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Aug 28, 2015
Here's some pics of what we are doing to make use of the tank ends and all the 500mm tubes I have.

 If you have not worked out what we use the cross for, here's an idea.   

 I have an endless supply of these tubes.
Great ideas, I like the different levels and cooking surfaces.

Very nice.


Here's a new design I am working on.  it is a 3n1   (Parrilla, al asador and smoker.)  It is a 250 gallon tank I used the end off for another project.   It will be similar to the round parrillas I have here, so when you open the parrilla will be on a hinge and rotate out.  I will weld an adapter on the inside so I can mount a cross for the al asador, then up top I will have some shelves the rotate out for the ahumadora.   

The bottom uses expanded metal and I will line it with fire brick and leave some gaps for the air to enter. Also I still need to cut an access door like the photo below. 

I need to mount a stack as well and am think about where the seam is for the end cap as an exit height.

 Here is a bigger version of the parrillas (850mm)  I had a 250 gallon with both ends cut off so decided to cut it into 3 and make some of these parrillas.

 The grey insulated I built is now in Bariloche (Waay down South)   

  Lamb on the cross  
I finally got around to working on it this week.

  Here's the asador

 Mounted a 200 mm stack on the side and decided to put it where all the tank outlets were to get rid of them. i welded in T bar upside down to mount the firebricks on, so if it gets wet it can drain easy and not rust.  Tomorrow I have to build a boat trailer for the father in law :( so will test it out.

I purchased a bunch of these 125 gallon tanks, so will start knocking out some of these smokers.  I am trying to mount the fire box as high as posible (tanks are 762mm, 30" diameter).

So trying to get it low enough for a working height. I am going to do something different with the stack I will sheetmetal behind the grate guides from the top down to the lowest guide, so the smoke has to go down then out the stack. My thieory is that the smoke will get heated against the edge of the firebox causing it to draw more.  For the reverse flow plate to save on steel plate (shit's expensive down here)  I cut a piece out of a 110cm diameter tank I have. ( I am going to use the tanks ends for al asadors, so am left with the cylinder, so will chop it up for reverse flow plates.      I cut the piece out of the tank then put it on my steel work table that is 3" thick and treated it to some love with a 40lb sledge.  Took some of the curve out of it.    I am building another 500 gallon soon so will probably take the cut out to the sheetmetal shop that has a monster press so they can flatten it a bit. 

I am waiting on the plasma cutter to cut out the firebox doors. 

Here's the tank  cut to get the reverse flow plate for the 30 " smokers I am building. Thats a 500 gallon in the background to give you an idea how big it is. 

 Here's looking at the brasero from upside down.  The grate then above it the breaker bar which has a handle on the outside. so you rattle it back/forth to knock all the wood/coals down for the parrilla.

 Here's the brasero (burns wood to make coals for the parrilla)   throw wood in the top and shovel coals out the bottom. Has a 1 1/4" bar running through it to shake the coals down.

I will post some pics of the cook tomorrow with R2D2.
I fired it up yesterday while I was working. Shot from 100F (outside temp) to 550f in about 8 mins.

I think I will put a steel ring in the center to contain the fire and use smaller bits of wood as it wanted to run hot all day.  Functioned perfectly.

Now I need to test the asador with a big rack of ribs  (about $150 here) .

 I found some beef plate ribs at the butchers, which is not common for here.

 Trailer I finished the other day  

New model fatboy from 120 gallon tank

 Rear of trailer.

   We had an exhibition at the Davis cup tennis.

  Using the tank ends from a 110cm diameter tank I cut up.  I used the plate from the side of the tanks for reverse flow plates in other smokers.  
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Wow, lots of great work..... And some really good Ideas... Way to go, Definite Point for all the work and great food... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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