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chef jimmyj

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May 12, 2011
In August my youngest Daughter has a B-day the 9th and my middle Girl's B-day is the 25th. They each get a meal of choice on their day, but we throw a party, with a meal of mine and Bev's choice, the middle of the month and my Oldest Daughter comes from Mechanicsburg 3.5 hours away to celebrate all together. This year I did an Exchange with Robert, tx smoker tx smoker , and he send some Cowboy Rib Steaks and Sourcream Potato Rolls mix, as well as some other goodies. We figured this would make the perfect Birthday Family Gathering. I got a Grill Grate Expander and Onlyfire Charcoal Basket, similar design to Slow 'n Sear, for my B-day and knew it would be perfect for this cook. Loaded the Charcoal and some Oak in the Basket and fired it up. The temp settled at 275°F and the Steaks went on. They cooked gently with Indirect heat, about 1 hour, until the IT hit 110°F. I put them aside to rest while I topped off the Charcoal with screaming hot coals from the Chimney. I Seared the Steaks about 90 seconds a side until the IT hit 125°F. Another rest while my oldest, Casey, finished up the Sides. I sliced into beautifully Med/Rare Beef. Separating the Fattier Cap muscle slices, My Fav, and the lean Eye muscle slices.
Sides included, the Sourcream Rolls and Butter, a Caprese Salad with mini Mozzerella Balls and mixed Variety Grape Tomatoes, with Garlic Oil and Aged Balsamic Vinegar. A Potato Gratin of Yukon Gold Potatoes with a Caramelized Onion, Sauteed Shallot and Fresh Thyme Cream Sauce, loaded with Gruyere and Cheddar Cheese. Since I was making Caramelized Onions, I split some off to make a Caramelized Onion Jus to serve the Beef Au Jus. We needed something Green, so I made everybody's favorite Haricot Verts, baby string beans, sauteed in Brown Butter.
The Beef was the Star of the Meal! I've cooked and served hundred of pound of Beef Rib Roast and Steaks, and have never had Rib Steak this TENDER! The CPB Steaks Robert sent were Outstanding! My Daughter Casey spent a summer in Italy and had beef raised in Piedmont, the Wagyu of Italy. Casey commented that this American raised Piedmont Beef was as good as that prized in Italy!

Now how about some qview.
The Beef on the Weber with toys...


Third Steak is under these two...

All done...

Sliced...More Med/Rare than it appears!

The tables set...Notice the Fancy Gravy Boat of Jus above the Beef.☺




The Chef's Plate...You can tell I'm Starving from the Big Belly!😆

The meal was enjoyed by all. As far as the Beef goes? We made a plate for a missing Spouse, the Youngest took a Doggie Bag and there was about six small fatty pieces left over for my late night snack. Otherwise all 7 pounds of Steak was enjoyed by all. The sides were great as well and the Caramelized Onion Jus was a perfect compliment to the Beef. Everybody was too full for Cake so we all sat around watching TV and commenting on how Fabulous the Steaks were. A HUGE THANK YOU to Robert for making this Party All it Could Be!...JJ
Thanks for the like. This was a great meal...JJ
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Looks great, Chef Jimmy! Used to live down by Mechanicsburg, which is close to where I met my wife. Some good restaurants over there, including Black and Blue. Left that area in 2017, so not sure what all has changed since then.
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The meal looks fantastic, JJ!! There's nothing there that I wouldn't tear into.

On a different note, 3 daughters?? Our daughter and her husband have 3 girls so I know...:emoji_wink:. I have 4 granddaughters in total, no boys...
Wow Jimmy, what an amazing meal. You must have been proud to put together a feast like that for the family. I'll say that I'm proud to have played a small part in such a great gathering and was able to contribute to the event. Make no mistake though, I'm still loving what you shared on your end of the exchange. That Cooper cheese is off the charts good!!

.Notice the Fancy Gravy Boat of Jus above the Beef

HEY!! We have identical tastes in serving ware. I own the exact same gravy boat and use it regularly :emoji_laughing:

Congrats again on a meal for for royalty my friend!!

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Thanks all for the kind words. The meal was great. Had to be as all Three Girls are accomplished Cooks. The 2 oldest went to Culinary School. If the meal is not right, from seasoning and flavor to proper doneness, I would hear it from all 3!☺.Every one of you have made great Food and I'm Honored to have your responses...JJ
tx smoker tx smoker Thanks Robert. The Quality of that CPB and your generosity made the Meal. The kids thought it funny that you asked me not to F@#K it up.😆.
Tonight's meal requested by Amanda, actual B-day, 29, damn I'm gettin old!...16 pounds of Pork Butt turned into Pork Pasta Sauce. Pretty much a Triple Batch as she wanted plenty of Sauce to freeze for other meals and especially as Pizza Sauce. Amanda likes the Shredded Pork on Pizza. We all do. Not your typical Pizza Sauce but really tasty...JJ
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