Country Style Ribs

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Feb 25, 2009
Lexington, SC
It's been a long time since I've posted on here.  I'm more of a reader and looker than a poster.  However I must share this.  I will attempt to post pictures but I haven't been too successful in the past so if they don't show up I will find a way.  I did my first Country Style Ribs.  I've always done baby backs and spares but Bi-lo had a package of 9 for @ $5.75 so I couldn't resist.  My father-in-law and brother-in-law work 12-16 hours a day during Christmas so I wanted to use them to try out some new things.  I used mustard to keep the rub on and let them sit overnight.  I put them in at 2:30p at 250 deg and took them off at 5:30p to foil and put on a marinade.  I found a recipe for drunken spareribs that I will post at the end.  I put them back in and cranked up the temp to 300 deg.  I was running out of time and needed to hurry. I took them off at 6:20p and they smelled freakin awesome.  Tender, juicy and great.  I have foiled ribs and not foiled ribs.  I recommend foiling them b/c it holds in the juices. 

I did my first ever ABTs to go along with the ribs and I will post those on the ABT forum. 

The recipe for the marinade is:

1/4 cup brown sugar

1/4 cup soy sauce

1/4 cup bourbon (I used Jim Beam)

1 tbsp dijon mustard

I doubled the recipe, applied heavily and still had a good bit left over.  To all the newbies out there, ask lots of questions.  I did when I first got started and learned a lot.  Thanks to all those who helped me out. 
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oooohhh.. Those are so pretty!! I loved CSR's before I got my smoker, but now... that rub looks so tasty and the finished ribs look AWESOME!!  I brined my last CSR's but your marinade sounds amazing!  doing that next time - thanks for sharing!  Cheers!
I'm going to have to give those things a try.  They look really good, nice job.   Just noticed you're in Lexington, I'm over here in Northeast Cola...we're practically neighbors.
I'll have to give that marinade a try sometime, thanks for sharing it. Oh and the ribs look great!
Those look absolutely fantastic.  I think I prefer CSR's to most other slices of pork (j/k, all cuts of meat are preferable)   because they're so versatile.  Thanks for the marinade.  Now if I can be so bold as to ask:  What rub concoction did you use?  What wood? The next remarks are directed towards the "newbies" for their benefit I ask these questions more to remind you to take/keep notes for your success this first time. It sure helps me to repeat great servings of meats or avoid what didn't work out to my expectations.  You mentioned using foil.  Note that and say why you liked foiling in this instance, "helped retain moisture......".  Thanks to the vast knowledge base on this site as well as some other excellent sites, I find myself constantly experimenting.  Unless you are lucky enough to be able to remember everything, notes help with repeatable successful results.
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Those ribs look awesome and the marinade sounds good thanks for sharing
Thanks for your comments.   Since I usually don't post I did fail to mention some key things.  I used mesquite wood because I have more mesquite on hand than hickory.  I use hickory all the time but I do like mesquite for meats other than chicken, turkey, etc.  For the rub I used Grill Mates Pork Rub.  I normally use some stuff call Seven Steak Seasoning but just like the hickory I was running out.  A buddy of mine used Grill Mates Sweet and Smoky rub and said it was really good but the store didn't have any.  I need to modify Jeff's rub b/c his has a bit too much paprika for my taste. 

I used foil this time because of 2 reasons.  The first is the marinade and second is time.  I was running behind (because of the ABTs) and need to crank up the temp.  The foil allowed me to crank the temp up to @ 310 deg for 30-40 mins.  I don't recommend this but time was an issue.  The marinade was very thin so I need to foil to try and get that juice in.  

billm75, it's good to see a fellow South Carolina smoker on here 

You should post more often. That stuff looks awesome!

Stop hiding all of your great smokes!

Those look awesome!!!!

Before my parents got the big (D), these were the hot topic of the gas grill.  I would dread going over there because a mear 30 min on the gasser is no good.

But if I can make some and have them come out half as good looking as the ones you have just showed us, then I will buy these more often.

Great Job.
Well I've never done CSR's before, but after looking at yours I'm gonna have to give them a try. Thanks for the great Q-view. Hope to see more of it from you in the future.
I've done CSRs in the oven only. They are an awesome way to go, especially when they go on sale....Those are really makin my mouth water right now.
Great looking CSR's, I have BBQ'd them on the grill for years & finished them off in the oven to get them good & tender, but I really like the looks of yours. I am going to keep the recipe you posted & give it a try. Thanks for the post
Those look really great, been quite a while since I last CSR's may have to put them back on my list soon. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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