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Discussion in 'Pork' started by texasrob, Aug 22, 2015.

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    Hello All,

    Im doing a beer can chicken ...bigger bird like 7lbs, indirect cooking on my kamado and have some csr I want to add in the cook as well.

    What internal am I looking for on the rib pieces? I thought I saw 145ish online...but thought it should be higher like 160ish.

    Will probably have the grill at about 275ish.


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    This is probably too late and I apologize. CSR, in my area of PA and NJ come in two forms. Boneless, 1" x 2" strips cut from a Butt. They are dark meat and cook like a Butt until probe tender, 180°F+. The other style are on the bone and have a portion of light pink meat like a Loin. They are better cooked to 145-150°F max or they get dry...JJ



    On the Bone...

  3. texasrob

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    Thank you for the reply...the ones I'm doing today are boneless.

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