Corned brisket for St Patty's and some pastrami..

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Dec 16, 2009
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Looks like there's a few people out there brining up some briskets for one thing or another. I wanted to make my own corned beef for St Patty's day and have some pastrami to boot so I grabbed a packer at wallmart today and commenced to preppin.

Here's the packer right out of the bag. It's only about 11 pounds.


I separated and trimmed just aboout all the fat off


I mixed up some homemade pickle spice.. Smells awesome!


Rubbed a little on for the sake of Q-view


And now into the brine. I'm hoping to be able to cook the flat on Thurs with some cabbage and taters. I'll season and smoke the point for some pastrami for lunches... Wish me luck in this process..

I also have a brisket in the brine as we speak, but I am looking to keep it in there for 7-10 days. Are you using cure #1?
I also have a brisket in the brine as we speak, but I am looking to keep it in there for 7-10 days. Are you using cure #1?
I saw your post when i logged on to post mine.. Yes I am using #1 at 8 teaspoons for 5 Qt of water. I mixed in a heaping 1/3 cup of kosher plus my pickling spices.. This isn't a very thick flat. I was going to inject some but the baby woke up so i had to toss it in the brine and get back to daddy daycare.
Wowy man! I just took the brisket out of the cooler. The brine had a light burgundy color (as decribed by my wife) and had a great aroma from the cloves and corriander. I divided the point and flat so my wife can cook the flat in the crock tomorow and I can smoke the point this weekend..



I covered both in some brine to hold them over... mmmmmmmm mm smells good!
It looks great Pete! I won't be taking mine out till tomorrow, but I guess we will both be smoking pastrami this weekend!
Looks good from down da bayou!

 i'm cheating , picked up 2 - four lb corned beef from sams yesterday.

 Soaking now and will smoke tonight or tomorrow.'s Thursday...where's the Qview??
Well sir, I am glad you asked! I have had a Shmitload of corned beef growing up and I am not bragging when I say this is the best I have ever had..! The flavor fom the cloves and corriander were just awesome. This was sooooooo simple to do and the results were great. I think I want to do another for corned beef hash.. Here's the q-view I have.

Wifey cut the flat in half and crocked it late morning. I almost fell over when I walked in the door this afternoon.


A little piece cut for a sample..


And a dinner plate.


Pretty simple. Corned-beef and cabbage with red pertaters and some extra-hot horseraddish on the side..

Most packaged corned beefs are way saltier than the one I just made. I never realised it until I did one myself.

Thanks for lookin y'all!
The Ninja took the words right out of my mouth---"That Looks Awesome Pete !!!!!"

Thanks for the views!

Thanxs all..

Now for the strami, I have my home-brined point along with a store-bought point and flat that i intend to smoke tomorrow so stay tuned for the strami side of the post. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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