cookng/finished temperatures for SLICED pork shoulder......

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    as we all know, slow-cooking pork shoulder requires a balance of temeprature and time in order to get that wonderful, melty-tender texture from the breakdown of connective tissue and rendering from fat. this requires two things - time and heat. too much of one or not entough of the other, and you end up with meat that is overdone, underedone, too tough or twoo mushy.

    for pulled pork it seems generally accepted that cooking temperatures are rather flexible, especially with the alrger shoulder cuts. finished temps for pulled pork seem to range between 195 and 205, with 200 seeming to be ideal, at least for me. cooking temperatures? i have great luck in the 240-260 range.....

    now, when it comes to good rendering of fat and melting of collagen for SLICING, it might get a little tricky. you want a lower finished temperature (180-190 seems to be good, based on what i have read), and to get that without over-doing it, i am guessing you need a lower cooking temperature, but not sure what.

    what cooking and finished temperatures do you recommend for slicing pork? we're talking about a boneless boston butt in the 4 to 5 pound range. i'll be slicing it for cubanos, using a great recipe here:


    using this recipe for pernil:


    which in turn incorporates this recipe for adobo mojado:

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    For slicing 190-195 is what we would do. We like it real tender.

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