Cold smoking of meats I will try again

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Dec 24, 2011
Northern Colorado
I have looked but seem to be unable to find an answer.

I would like to add a cold smoke generator to my brinkman cabinet.  When I open the door, I lose a lot of smoke.  And I am opening the door to add more chips.  I was thinking that if add a smoke generator to the cabinet, then I do not need to open the door to add the chips.

 So, does anyone add a smoke generator to the regular smoking of a roast, brisket or such?

Am I just making this too difficult? And how much smoke is too much?  It always tastes too good.  (There is never any leftovers.  5 people - 8 pound roast. One was only 5yrs )

My cooking and smoking turn out really good, just trying to make it better.  Several that I have done, there is not enough leftover to make sandwiches for lunch the next day.

Trying not to make it too confusing, but I hope some one can help me out.


Oops, Wrong thread.  How do I move it??
I think you are worrying about something that doesn't need worrying about.  I've always recommended smoking with the vents fully open. You want the smoke to pass over the meat, not stagnate in the smoking chamber.
Members are using the AMNPS for smoking aren't they?  And it is a smoke generator.

  I am just wondering if I am getting the best use out of my smoker.  I making some changes, adjustments to my smoking procedures.  I want to get the best food I can.

I am going to add some insulation, change the venting, tighten up the door seals, and such.

I have a Oklahoma Joe offset and I sometimes use it for cold smoking Cheese and such. I use the AMNPS and put it in the fire box and as alblancher mentioned open the stack all the way to get the smoke to pass on through.

I have had very good success this way.
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I think you are worrying about something that doesn't need worrying about.  I've always recommended smoking with the vents fully open. You want the smoke to pass over the meat, not stagnate in the smoking chamber.
Cold smoking is usually used to preserve the food as well as give flavour and to do this you need to have air flow over the meat to help reduce its moisture content. It will of course depend on what you are smoking and why.

I agree with alblancher - you should leave the vents open. If you don't have reasonable air flow the moisture generated by the smoke generator combustion can make the inside of the chamber far too moist. This is unlikely to create the most beneficial flavours and can lead to condensate forming in the walls and racks of the chamber and dripping onto the food.

An AMNPS is ideal for long duration smoking as it will produce a good volume of smoke over a few hours. If this is not long enough and you need to top it up part way through then the 10 minutes or so where you have the door open will not make much difference.
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so your not gonna actually "cold smoke' ... correct ? I'm not sure which smoker you have... But I think the mail box mod is what you are looking for ... use the search bar at the top of the page and search for "mail box mod" .... go this route with the AMAZN smoker... or even the tube smoker would be better ....

I did a quick search for ya... you should be able to find something here..

And here's the link to one of the forums sponsers for the smoke generator....
Yes, I plan on doing hot smoking.  But now that I have read about double smoking hams (hot and cold), I thought that I would give that a try too.  I just thought that after reading about lots of members using other smoke generators (AMNPS and Smoke Daddy and such)  that maybe it would be a good idea. I would be able to add more chips, dust, pellets or chunks when I needed them and not lose the smoke in the smoker when I opened the smoker.

But thanks for all the advice you have offered.  I will try without the generator for now and see if I need to reconsider in the future

One other thing,  this has been a great help to me.  Even if I do not post many requests, comments or other things

Again   'Thanks for help'

I dont know about any of the fancy stuff..but a hot plate with pie pan and chunk of wood on top works pretty dang good for cold smoking..poke it inside the nearest container with the object of the game shut up within. Shut off all the exhaust you can. Airtight is real good because it dont burn up the wood so fast. This must be where all the injuneers hang out. What kind of trains do they drive these days? lol Resist door fanning. That makes meat tough. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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