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  1. Hi, I have a Masterbuilt gas smoker. I'd like to be able to cold smoke with it if possible. The lowest the temp gets is about 200 degrees. Is there anything I can rig this with to drop the temp low enough? Thanks for any help.
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    search needle valve on here and you'll find a lot of info
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    You can't use the gas burner to make smoke for cold smoking. Many members here use AMNPS in an enclosure outside of the smoker hooked up to the smoker with a dryer duct. This enclosure can be any metal box you have in your scrap pile. Mailboxes are popular. Look up "mailbox mod".
  4. Build your own burner. Thats how you can regulate lower temp. Cost is about $30.00
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    Whoa!  atomicsmoke is correct.  If you want to cold smoke using your gasser smoker, you need to use a smoke generator such as a AMNPS or AMNTS.  Your gasser burner is not used.

    I cold smoke cheese, butter, lox, etc in my Masterbuilt gasser.  No gas used.  I do not use a mailbox mod.   I simply place the AMNTS down on the tray that resides under the box below the burner.  The smoke travels up past  the burner and into the chamber.
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  6. I agree on that point,but if you want a 100 degree temp for like jerky you can build a burner for that
  7. Cool I'll start doing some research. Thanks everyone for the advice!!
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    What are you planning to cold smoke?
  9. Bacon, cheese, and some other odds and ends 
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    I have a propane smoker.

    Can I buy a simple smoker box that people use on grills with wood chips to add smoke flavor but instead use those longer burning wood pellets and once they get going, just shut off the propane all together?

    This seems as if it should work.
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    No reason to turn on the gas at all if you have  a separate  pellet smoker by Amazen Products.    With my propane smoker, I don't connect the gas at all.  Just light the AMNTS or AMNPS, place it under the smoker's inlet hole at the bottom. 
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    I already have a smoker box and if I can use it for cold smoking, why would I buy one of these Amazen products?

    I was thinking I could place the pellets in the smoker box, place a ball of aliminum foil at one end of the box to kind of keep the pellets compacted and light one end of the pellets with a torch and never turn on the propane at all.

    Will they not do a slow, continuous burn horizontally for some reason?

    Is there a reason this won't work?
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    Huh?   Your first reply (post #11) says:  "Can I buy a simple smoker box that people use on grills......"  But now you say you already have one?

    I have no experience with what you call a smoker box so I can't help you there.  If your gas smoker is vertical with a hole down on the bottom, can you plumb your smoker box to this hole?   Pics would be helpful.

    Why an Amazen Product smoke generator?   Way too easy to use.[​IMG]  
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    Please, please pardon me! I should have said USE not BUY a smoker box. You must be a lawyer.Please refer to subparagraph D(3) on page 17 of the original document. (Just kidding, of course).[​IMG]

    However, the question does remain the same, does it not?

    And since you admittedly know nothing about smoker boxes and I have no idea what you mean about holes on the bottom of my smoker and smoker plumbing, I guess we're not going to get anywhere with this.

    Perhaps someone else can help. But thanks anyway.
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    That's rude, especially when someone is trying to help you..... If you want to say "buy", don't say "use".... etc....

    Guess I won't try to figure this out either..... :lurk: ....
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    Gee Dave, would that I were PERFECT like you. 

    Yes, yes I said BUY instead of USE. I'm in my late 60s. Dave, don't get old. You may find there are lots of idiots out there who have no patience with a little slip of the mind.

    Perhaps I got a bit muddled thinking why BUY one of those Amazen gizmos instead of USING the smoker box. Who knows.

    But I do know this. You need to find something more constructive to do with your time. And if you can't find anything better to do with your time, perhaps you should at least mind your own business and keep your mouth shut if you have nothing to add to a conversation.

    I see you have more than 15,000 posts here in five years time. That averages out to more than eight per day, every day. Too much time on your hands maybe?

    I was merely having a bit of fun with cmayna and you accuse me of being rude.

    Butt out, pal. If you have nothing to say, say nothing. You'll be better off.
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    I do not pretend to be an expert on any of this, particularly the interpersonal relations part of this thread. However, I shall venture forth bravely.

    On the interpersonal issues. It is easy to take offense but it is wiser to assume good intentions. If you don't like what someone says, don't assume it was said with ill intent. I can assure you Dave Omak has been nothing but a gentleman to me in my time on the forums. I assume smokersouth just had a question and was challenged and got his back up. My suggestion, forget about it all and try and be generous of spirit and forgiving.

    As for the question re a smoker box you would use in a grill, they require some heat source to work properly. That would defeat the purpose as you are trying to cold smoke. The beauty of the AMN products is the smolder with no outside fuel source. Do be warned though that the AMN products do generate some heat so they may cause a smoker to get too warm if cold smoking on a hot day.

    I really don't think you will be happy trying to get a grill smoking box to smolder to get the right temperature and level of smoke.

    Peace and sunshine to all. Excuse me, I must assume the lotus position and find my centre.

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    Thank you for staying the course and answering the question.

    If pressed together in a smoker box and lit on one end by a torch or something, why wouldn't the pellets burn horizontally down the line using their own heat for ignition like charcoal briquettes do when using the minion method in a charcoal smoker?
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