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Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by billbraskii, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. billbraskii

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    Hi guys new to the forum (wish I had found it month ago). I'm out in Utah I've been trying to build a medium size offset smoker for a couple months with no luck finding and good/cheap propane tanks or otherwise. Last weekend I got lucky my friend gave me his 120 liter type 2 CNG cylinder, it measures about 48"x16". The issue is I've only ever worked with LP tanks and don't have any experience with CNG. So any tip or tricks, does and don'ts, will be greatly appreciated.

    P.S. From what I've read the tank is reinforced with some sort of non-metallic outside liner, what would be the best method for removing that, or should I just keep it on?
  2. daveomak

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    I would not use it...  This is what I found from one manufacturer...   If yours  is aluminum, it won't work...   Find a propane tank...

    The superior heat dissipation of the aluminum liner allows for 37% more gas in the cylinder under fast-fill conditions, which is an industry game-changer.
  3. billbraskii

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    *sigh* well it's not aluminum, but unfortunately it won't work. After I washed out the tank and flooded with co2. I tried cutting the end where the smoke box would go. About halfway through I discovered that the "wrap" on the center is about 1/2" thick, under the was about 12ish gauge steel (didn't finish cutting to measure it). The biggest issue was the ends of the cylinder were probably 3/4" hard steel that I simply couldn't get through.
    So I will probably take it to the scrap yard and continue hunting the classified for a decent size propane tank

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