Cleaning a MES

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Original poster
Dec 17, 2013
Alpine, Texas
Do you clean your MES or any smoker for that matter? Do you even bother? If you do, what do you use?

I cooked deer bones for the dogs the other day. I do not want them to have very much moisture in them when they are done but I over did it a little. Now the box seems a little scorched smelling.

I hate losing the "seasoning" but do not want the scorched smell either.
I only clean the Grates, Chip Pan/Loader Housing and the Drip Pan in the base on a regular basis. You can try filling the water pan, close the vent and run it at 275°F for an hour or two to steam any bad smell out. You can wipe it down after steaming to remove grease and assorted spatter from the meat. Beyond that you can use Simple Green. De-greases and leaves no nasty chemical residue...JJ
Mine is still pretty new, but I have only cleaned the grills, chip tray, water pan and grease pan.  I do wipe the sides with a damp sponge.

I doubt I will clean any more than that since like a good gas grill more seasoning is better.

Same as above for me but also rinse walls and clean window. Then I use air compressor to blow water away from heating element and run it at 200 degrees for an hour to dry everything out.
I'm sure I've doubled or tripled the wall thickness with creosote over the the years.  I only clean the grates and even those on a every 2 or 3 smoke basis.
i used a cleaner called LA's totally awesome orange
  • • No acid
    • No ammonia
    • No bleach
    • Non-flammable
    • Safe for septic tanks
  • • Made in the USA
it supposed to be good i just don't know if cleaning with this is good for food or mes

but i spray it on and all grease and soot (not sure what to call that dark stuff) came off easily

in morning i will heat to 275 and burn for 2 hours is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.