Exhaust pipe length. Short or long

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Jan 3, 2024
There are seems two schools of thought regarding length of pipe from firebox to smoke house.
Seems that more modern approach is a short pipe but when I see designs of old smoke houses especially in Europe they use long pipes at angles that goes from firebox at lover level up to a higher positioned smoke house.
Any seasoned members could enlighten me what is ups and downs of both designs?
The parcel of land where I planning to build a smokehouse is on the hill so I can do either design.
I want to build hot/cold smoker with wood burning firebox. I am off-grid so access to electricity is limited.

Thank you in advance for your advice.
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Length, well it depends...

How hot of a fire will determine length if you're cold smoking. The longer the pipe the more time the heat has to dissipate and provide clean cool smoke. Will the pipe be underground or exposed to the elements? Double wall pipe or single wall? Those will also determine length to a point.

If you're going to use pellets, saw dust, or chips to create smoke you can go shorter since they burn cooler than sticks and logs.

Since you mention that you want to use a wood burning firebox and want hot AND cold smoking choices, hit the length in the middle of the recommended lengths. In the long run, fire management will be the biggest determining factor.
Another option, if you can find two fireboxes, is to build both a long pipe and a short pipe setup. That way you just choose the short one for hot smoking or the long one for cold smoking.

The Europeans have been cold smoking sausage a lot longer than most 'mericans have. We, on the other hand tend to cook ribs, brisket, butts, more than Europeans seem to. That fits the long/short pipe usage.
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