Chuckie Bierocks

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  1. I was at the store and found a chuck for $3.49 a pound I had to pick one up (actually picked up a few and made some ground beef). This one was for the smoker. 

    Got it Rubbed down with a brisket rub that someone gave me. It's mostly SPOG. 

    Let that rest while I fired up the smoker. 

    Started the fire with oak but switched to hickory once I had a bed of coals. No real reason to start with oak except that I have a lot more oak then hickory.

    Up to temp and you can't see it in the photo but it was the perfect TBS we all look for.

    I didn't get a picture but I added a 1 cup of beef au jous to the tray.

    Kept the smoker going about 260 for about 7 hours. Pulled it 200 degrees. 

    It was late so the chuckie was wrapped in foil and put in the fridge. I also saved the au jus.

    Next day I removed the fat from the au jus and sauteed onions and chopped cabbage in with the smoky au jus. Then added some of the chopped chuckie.

    Mixed up some dough that I believe Cowgirl originally posted and set that off to rise. 

    rolled out some dough, added the filling and spooned in a little more of the smokey au jus.

    rolled, brushed with butter and popped in the oven 325 till brown.

    Served it up with more au jus and some tots. This was a first for me but well worth the effort. I'll do it again. Next time I think I'd like a little more cabbage. I'm looking forward to left overs today.
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  2. bear55

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    Very nice.
  3. That looks sinful. I gotta try that. Very nice!
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    That looks great!  [​IMG]
  5. Where did you acquire your taste for Beirocks?  This post brings back some memories.
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    Yumm! That looks great!
  7. I never had beirocks before. I had copied the recipe years ago from this link. I had thought at the time that I wanted to try it with left over chuckie. Problem is we rarely have much left over chuckie and when we do my wife likes to make hash with it. I kind of forgot about it untill recently I was converting my paper recipes to Evernote. I'll say this that after trying it we are hooked. I'll smoke a chuckie just to make the bierocks.
  8. Well that's awesome.  I hope you are a fan.

    Being raised in northwest Kansas, there was a lot of German heritage, and I remember the local school kitchens would make these by the thousands and sell during Octoberfest time of year.  I just find it interesting...I didn't think it would ever be a recipe I would find on SMF.  But cool just the same.
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    Beautiful work! I've ground that cut many times (I usually grab a buy-one-get-one-free deal) but I haven't smoked one yet.
  10. Man that looks pretty tasty 


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