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Chuck Roast Italian Beef Sandwiches (W Pics)

tx smoker

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Being that there have been a couple threads on different types of beef sandwiches recently, I was not gonna post this. The problem is that is was SO good and so easy, I kinda feel like I need to share. Someone just did a thread last week about roast beef and there was something in there about Italian Beef sandwiches. I lived in the northwest suburbs of Chicago for a while and fell in love with these. I could hardly pass by a restaurant that sold them I enjoyed them so much. Got a craving for them after reading the previously mentioned thread so set about making some. Here's how things came together.

3# chuck roast in the crock pot

Some of this

Some of that

Take about half the jar of that and rough chop it

Put this and that in the crock pot along with some pepperocini peppers, a cup and a half of beef broth, and a half teaspoon each of black pepper and granular beef bouillon

I was running late getting this started so ran the crock pot on high. Took about 4 1/2 hours. Roast done

Shred the roast removing the fat and put the meat in a pan

Add all the broth and veggies from the crock pot and let simmer for a little while

Take the rest of that and rough chop it

Using tongs stack the chuck roast onto some nice rolls

Put some of that on top of the meat

Fresh grated Pecorino Romano cheese then put it under the broiler for a few minutes

Had to pull before cheese was totally melted due to the bun getting nice and toasted. Cheese was still nice and soft though

Plate with some hand cut fries done in the 360 and a bowl of the broth for dipping

Cut away view

As many Italian Beef sandwiches as I has in Illinois, none were as good as this one. I did a lot of reading and came to the conclusion that chuck roast was the way to go. Traditionally they are made with sliced beef, but that's a multi-step process. Cook the beef, cool it, slice it, then re-heat it. Using chuck roast takes all of the latter steps out of the process, and let's face it, chuck roast just tastes amazing. The flavor of the chuck certainly added to the end result but it's the broth that set this so far over the top. It was just incredible. I took a taste of the broth about 2 1/2 hours in and about went to my knees. I knew this was going to be fantastic. Another thing that added to the flavor was the choice of cheese. Traditionally provolone is used but IMHO, that just doesn't bring much to the party. Yes, it melts nicely and looks beautiful, but there is little or no flavor to it. I was still in the kitchen playing with my food and taking pics when I heard Tracy proclaim "Oh my God Robert, this is incredible. The most flavorful meal you've ever made". She was right. As we were cleaning up I made mention that I was going to take the leftovers to my favorite server at the little pub I frequent and I got "that look" x5 . She said if the stuff was given to anybody else, it was potentially grounds for divorce. Needless to say, this is on the agenda for dinner again tonight. Thanks y'all and appreciate you dropping in for yet another of my culinary follies.



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Man those look amazing Robert!! They are on my list of things to do now. Don't think you can go wrong using a chuck and adding what you added in there. BIK LIKE my man!

tx smoker

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Man those look amazing Robert!! They are on my list of things to do now. Don't think you can go wrong using a chuck and adding what you added in there. BIK LIKE my man!
Thanks so much John!! It really was good. You never know what you're getting into when you make something for the first time, especially when shooting from the hip. This was nothing short of amazing!! Matter of fact I just got a text from Tracy "reminding" me that we are having these again for dinner this evening.

Aw shucks :emoji_wink:


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Looks Great, Robert!!
Nice Plate!



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Looks great Robert! Glad to see that giardiniera and a side of au jus for dipping. I’d make such a mess of eating that, I would have to jump in your pool afterwards.

Awesome job!


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Looks delicious Robert. I may have to do that one of these days for something different. Like


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Yup , looks good .


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Another great looking meal Robert! And trust me, you have my sincere sympathies for having to eat that two nights in a row...oh the anguish you must endure! :emoji_wink:



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Excellent looking plate. This is bookmarked . To be done "soon".


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Looks fantastic Robert! I love good Italian beef and make a point of getting it any time I’m on an overnight in the Chicago area. Yours looks great


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Looks really good....do you think this could be replicated on a smoker to add another layer of flavor, or would the smoke flavor be too much?

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