Christmas score?

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Aug 5, 2018
What did you all score for Christmas? Let's see the bounty!
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Wife got me a new Invicta watch, some grill matts to under both my grill and smoker and 7 diff bottles of bourbon. Theres six in the pict, a bottle of Wild Turkey 101 in my stocking

In a nutshell, I got a new bag of pellets, a BUNCH of great seasonings and sauces, some tasty beverages, some amazing looking bourbon, new cheese grader, and some stuff for a future hunt coming up for the boys and myself! I am totally blessed and would have been just as happy spending the day with my 3 sons doing whatever!
Never take anything for granted, hug em, tell them you love them, embrace the memories because they grow up wayyyyy too fast!
Wife got me a new Invicta watch, some grill matts to under both my grill and smoker and 7 diff bottles of bourbon. Theres six in the pict, a bottle of Wild Turkey 101 in my stocking

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Does she have a sister? 😏
Kids hooked me up ( again ) . Amongst other things , some Le Creuset cookware .
Pie pan and a bread oven . So while they were at their Mom's side today , I made a pie and some bread . It's the only respectful thing to do ,,,
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That's a unique pot, never seen a cast iron like that.
Got a pair of Carhartt overalls and in order to keep up with my son, my parents and brother got me a moutain bike. My son got year long passes to the zoo and science museum from ourselves and his grandparents. Was a great day to hang out.
Got some really nice gifts, one was an early one my son bought me an upper tool chest to sit on top of my 48 inch chest. And several other gifts... but the thing that meant the most was having our kids home and spending time with them!

No new toys for me this year, we spent a bunch on the new to us house.
If I hadn't woken up with morning wood this morning, I wouldn't of had anything to play with.:emoji_astonished::emoji_laughing:
Two sets of concert tickets to see,
Disturbed, Falling in Reverse and Plush.
Judas Priest and Sabaton.

The Noveske AR I got a few months back counted as a Christmas present.

I got a nice heavy, insulated flannel shirt / light jacket.

A bag of Scorpion Chile dusted shelled Pistachios.

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We are like others , when needed we just pick up. So we always try to find something different for one another.

Mona got me a nice yard flag, as I always change them up as the year moves along.

So she got me one of our yard, love it . And lots of good cooking little items and a real nice adjustable mandolin slicer.
SIL got me a calendar of some of my cooks ( Mona must have got on computer to get the pictures for her.

DSC_9102.JPG DSC_9104.JPG

And I got Mona ( and me ,ha ha ) a VR ,Meta Quest 2 and lots of asses. and I loaded lots of games for her ( me lol )

And I was using before xmas when she was not home , this thing is insane, love it



Got a cpl of cleaning brushes for grill grates, apple watch, and tshirts and work shirts from the wife, a silicon spatula rest, meat weight, cast iron griddle with holes in one end for the grill from the units, retractable wheel casters for workbench i am building from kids. I bought myself a renewal to the bourbon of the month club for six months.

Was a nice relaxing day except for trying to figure out why daughters new laptop wasnt running correctly, I let her set it up out of box and didnt watch, ended up being the OS and all the apps needed updating. Cpl hours my life I wont get back.

Merry Christmas everyone!
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