Christmas score?

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Made out pretty darn well this year.
Like others have said wife and I don’t normally buy too much as we just go get what we want throughout the year
I got a new slicing knife and another wireless inkjet probe.
Couple of bottles of whiskey, a few gift cards, ice chest and youngest daughter got me new Springfield Hellcat.
Not much myself other than a large bag of Russell Stover sugar free assorted candy...😋, but this was a special year for giving which is what I enjoy the most. Gave our daughter the gold cross necklace my mother wore for most of her life and her wedding rings. The necklace was a gift to her from my dad on their 10th anniversary. Gave our son my dad's shotgun and .22 rifle. The shotgun, a Fox Sterlingworth, was actually his dad's. The rifle, a Remington model 33, was a gift to him as a boy. Lots of history in those 2 guns...
A horizontal tilt frame for the grinder and a couple of rests for horizontal grinding…. I’m making a reverse tracking pivot adjustment motor mount now….it will pivot the motor along the axis as the normal tracking doesn’t work for reverse….
A Milwaukee 18 volt fuel 18 gauge brad nailer. We're going to a RV show in a couple of weeks. I'm sure we'll do some damage there!
Nice nailer Steve , and i'm sure there is something at the RV show with your name already on it .

Our RV show is in a couple weeks also. Leaving wallet in the truck. LOL

A #2 and #3 hybrid golf clubs, A four bottle bundle with grinder from flatiron pepper co. (thanks Steve H Steve H ) For some reason they threw in an extra bottle of four pepper blend and a bunch of to-go packets...score!
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