Chip challenge

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kit s

Smoking Fanatic
Original poster
Sep 2, 2017
Messed up state of California
Has anybody seen or heard from Chile lately? Hope all is good for him.
I sort of took his chip challenge and would like to let him view the video.
I took the test for curiosity more than as a challenge. I think he should be first to review so not posting it.
Will tell you about experience though.
As far as heat for me at least was not extreme on mouth throat or tongue. Were it did bother me was stomach. It also flared up my COPD which I do have (work related as well as a bad habit {smoking}).
Made 5 plus min, could of gone longer but why? Sort of boring sitting there trying to talk about something.
Not sure why but I did taste a sort of vinegary taste when eating. Get that same smell and taste when I fry my own corn chips and taco shell. Weird.
Now this chip would be hot to most people. I myself eat a lot of peppers, and use reaper powder in a lot of my dishes so it does take a lot of heat to set me on my toes. I have more problems with the instant bite of heat than I do the slow build, which this chip does. Even the instant snap does not continue to bother me as i eat what ever set me up on my toes.
That is to give you a little background on why this chip did not really cause me a omg moment.
thanks for your time kit
I was wondering the same thing, I did the challenge and he posted up the videos here. I sent him a "thank you box" of some local heat seaking products that got delivered Xmas eve and never heard back? I hope everything is OK.
He is probably like the rest of us, in that life does get in the way sometimes! I hope he is OK too! I like heat too, but that chip challenge seems a bit extreme to me!
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