Chili - Beans or No Beans

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Cheese yes (extra sharp cheddar only) - sour cream, never. 🤮

Everything I like - steaks, burgers, ribs, roast beef - is pretty much traditional. I've just never felt the need for any foo-foo additions. 🫡

But I will add a dollop of sour cream to a taco every so often...
I've done made some chili so dang hot you had to add a dollop of sour cream to eat it ........
The heat in my chili comes from hot red New Mexico chili powder. It's not ghost pepper hot but it is "a little hot" for most people. The upside is the fantastic hot red New Mexico chili flavor - that I love.
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So many chili's, so little time. Each have their place to me. Tex style cubed meat/midwest mild style (Wendy's) with beans/Cincy (Skyline) greek over sketti/Tony Packos Hungarian on a sausage. Put a gun to my head and make me pick a fave? Packos.
You forgot New England chili. Cubed beef, ground beef, tomatoes, hot peppers, cheddar cheese, and BEANS!!!!



Now lets not even start a discussion on proper baked beans.
I have a pretty lame game when it comes to chili, but oh boy is a thread like this not only fun to read but informational to boot!
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Manhattan Clam Chowder beats New England Chowder hands down.

How did this go from Chili to booger soup?

no beans but I do cook down about 4 onions and I use it for both Chilidogs and bowls of Chili. If you use beans the kid in the picture above may get one stuck in his nose when he has to sneeze.
Man do I miss a good Manhattan clam chowder made by someone that knows what they are doing...
My mom used to make the best Manhattan Clam Chowder. Have tried to recreate it, but unsuccessfully.

Tomatoes, clams, clam juice, celery, onions, carrots, potatoes and spices.

Wish i knew the spices and amounts.....
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2 footlong Ripper's with black bean CHILI , white cheddar cheese , mustard and Jalapeno's .
Hold the bun ,,,
And ,
Pasta in the bowl .

If you have a recipe, beans or no beans, I might just give it a try.
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