Chicken Italian Sausage with Dried Tomato, Black Olives, & Chardonnay (heavy pics)

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Oct 17, 2014
Gilbert, AZ
This is one of my signature sausage making efforts and my wife's favorite, it's a lot of work. I started out having to core and slice 18 large tomato's for the dehydrator, took two loads of 14 hours each.

Off to Sam's Club to score 33 pounds of chicken thighs, deboned the meat and skin will net out right at 25 pounds. I had six 12 packs of thighs, 69 of them deboned got me the 25 pounds I needed, had a fried chicken dinner. I was up early as usual to assemble my required ingredients, ice cold bottle of Chardonnay, two bags dehydrated maters, 3 cans black olives, one bag PS Seasoning 260-B Italian sausage mix.

After draining the black olives and re-hydrating the mater in the wine I got busy grinding


As you can see, the grinder throat spends the night in the freezer, as does the stuffer tank. Everything gets run thru a medium plate


The sausage seasoning gets whisked in a bowl with the remaining wine, I attach the mixer to my 1hp grinder, everything goes for a ten minute ride


I can't express enough what a god send the mixer is, with my shoulders if I had to use my old hand crank mixer I'd no longer be making sausage, just too much arthritis. While everything is mixing I pound down a Rolling Rock, this is the way sausage making should be It tilts!


Now it's time to set the grind in the fridge for the night and tidy up the gear


Up before dawn and set to rock, I want to knock this project out and relax for a couple of days


I'm vac-sealing the links three to a pack, right about 20 packs total with a little bulk on the side.


With all the time this sausage takes standing at the counter coring and slicing maters and deboning chicken thighs for hours I'm quite happy to have this project finished. I'll fire up the weber and grill a few links for dinner with some asparagus, happy wife, happy life. Thanks for looking in! RAY
Nice work Ray . Good formula , and nice set up / plan to do the work .
Just spent the last 3 days doing the same . Glad to be done myself .
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Sounds really good. Sun-dried or Dehydrated Tomatoes add great flavor to a variety of dishes. Shrimp, Sun-dried Tomatoes and Basil Pesto over Linguini is a Favorite dinner of my Wife...JJ
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I will get the thighs already deskinned and boned out to make air-fried boneless chicken; saves a ton of prep time! Well worth the money, just cut each boneless thigh into 6 pieces, I use egg whites (from a carton) as egg wash, then bread and into the air fryer!
Whoa, bright lights big city, this was really something to wake up to! Where to start?
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