Chicken Fried Bacon!

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Apr 16, 2007
Houston Texas
This is a "must try" for anyone who loves bacon!

I'm pretty new on this site but have been smoking meat for many years. Most of what I see here is good info about BBQ and smoking meats, but it sorta lacks imagination as to what to do with the products once their made. So to offer something back, I have this absolutely disgusting (and very easy) Southern recipe I use with my homemade bacon. Once you try this you will be hooked for life. It's a killer party snack and worthy of any bacon lover's obsession. This may sound like overkill to y'all, and most anyone north of Oklahoma will think your crazy (until they taste it), hell for all I know this may even be illegal in California or New York.

I like to call this "Heart attack on a plate". But as long as something tastes good, we don't worry too much about things like that down here in Texas. In the south it's OK to deep fry anything, from dill pickles to okra, so this is a natural!

1. Thick slice your favorite homemade (Or commercial if you haven't gotten around to making your own yet.) bacon into 4 inch long strips.

2. blend one large egg in 2/3 cup milk and add the bacon.

3. Mix eight parts flour with on part Lawry's season salt.

4. Dredge the wet bacon strips in the flour mix

5. Deep fry and drain the strips on paper towels.

I love to offer this to Yankees and watch their face light up when they taste it. They always ask what it is, and when I tell them, they have the most comical expressions you'll ever see!
Wow! Gotta try it this weekend! The closest I've ever come to something this decadent was a "Francheesie" which is a hot dog stuffed with cheddar, wrapped with bacon and then deep fried.
Sounds good Navionjim! I'm gonna make a big batch and give it to MIL and keep feeding her this till I get the results I want
Man O man!!!! Ya'll sure make it hard for somone tyring to drop some weight. Heck, there's not even a picture and your making me

Both sound decadently good!!!
Now that's almost as weird as our "Christmas Cookies" Thread (Chocolate dipped bacon)!!
Hey Navionjim ... as soon as I saw your avatar name, I knew you were a pilot.
Navions are fine aircraft ... hope you enjoy yours!

Watch the deep fried bacon eh? You know the medicals and what not
Howdy Paul, you must be a brother aviator!
Unfortunately I no longer fly the line these days, I lost my first class for other medical reasons eight years ago and had to move from the cockpit to an office environment. I work as an Systems / Avionics Engineer for a large airline here in Houston now. (You can probably figure out which one from the location) When I changed airlines six years ago I had to move from Oregon to Texas, so I went from smoking salmon to brisket. But I also sold my beach house, the sailboat and N8874H, a 1947 North American Navion that I owned for 15 years and flew coast to coast and up to Alaska several times. I could shoot myself for that now, but the AD(s), annuals, insurance, fuel and hanger fees were getting pretty steep. As the airplane got older, the fuel got more expensive, and the regulations became more and more intrusive and expensive it just seamed like it was time to look for something cheaper. I fly a rented Seneca now and occasionally get some stick time on test flights, and I've managed to cage a few hours in our full motion sim here at work (which is pretty fantastic). I sure miss my old Navion though and my old Handel "Navionjim" still follows me today.
OMG, that sounds too good! It is probably illegal in California, but here in New York I think you can get away with it. I'm going to have to try that. I have learned to make a 'wicked good" chicken fried steak, so this sounds like a winner also.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


"wicked good" and "chicken fried steak" one sentence. Now that's drawing the north and south together!

"The grits were wicked pissah!"
Things are quieting down now and I am doing a run of Canadian bacon here soon and your recipe will be at the top of the list. Here in Vermont anything goes!

Happy Landings
Hey Jim ... similar story here, but on a lower budget

Lost my medical too, had a couple of ultralights (wonderful experience) and miss it all now. But what a great time while it lasted ... amen!
Love to have a go at the full motion sim you mentioned ... but still can't replace the real McCoy!
Would have liked to be your wingman on one of the Alaska trips ... for sure!
Take care
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