Bacon Up

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Well, to wrangle this thread back on topic, I think that BaconUp was pretty good!
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Have not tried that ,
BUT i am in the ," save my own and store in fridge group "

I JUST joined this club! Been reading the thread and was cooking up some bacon. It renders such a nice fat so I figured I'd strain it through a coffee filter and put it into mason jar.

It'll be going into the fridge as soon as it's done filtering.



I also looked up other uses for bacon fat and stumbled on a recipe for bacon infused bourbon. Essentially you replace a 1/4 cup of bourbon with bacon grease, let it sit for a few days then strain it.

Could be wonderful, or it could be a complete waste of a roughly $35 bottle... Not sure I'm ready to try it just yet...
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It'll be going into the fridge as soon as it's done filtering.

Yes that is the right thing to do. Save and use for all your cooking /frying needs. I have 1 1/2 Mason jars in the fridge.

Let it cool first , then off to the fridge. Mona won't let me add it her cookies yet when she makes them.
She is always making 2 or 3 dozen a week . Somehow I have to sneak it in there . lol

I saw it and did some research on the BaconUp product a few years back. Seems they are connected with producers of restaurant packaged already fried bacon who have a lot of leftover grease and I was told the BaconUp people collect it and use a three stage filter process to clean it up to prevent spoilage then package it and sell it.

I tried it and it was not bad at all. Real home made from frying fresh bacon grease with a few scraps for flavoring just produced is better, but sometimes you have to get by in a pinch, ya know. I keep a tub frozen in the freezer for a someday "emergency" use to get by if I need it.
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