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  1. when you make your brine do you boil the mixture together the put on your bird or just mix and put your bird in and soak over night?
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    You don't have to bring it to a full boil, but I do like to heat it enough to dissolve the salt and sugar well. Then I let it cool back down to room temp. before putting it on the poultry.
  3. thanks for your help
  4. agreed I will boil mine the night before than let it sit out over night till it reaches romm temp... the next morn i will add ice and the bird than stuff it in the fridge...
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    Boil?  Warm Up?????  Just to help dissolve the sugar and salt?  Heck that's the only exercise I really get nowadays, stirring the pot, in more ways than one......[​IMG]
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    Don't sell yourself short Dave.... we all walk a couple of laps between the smoker-couch-fridge (for beer)-couch-smoker, rinse, repeat, and call it a good weekend! [​IMG]
  7. Steve why the next day add the bird and ice  what is the Ice for?

  8.  I let it sit overnight to make sure i am all the way at room temp... I add the ice just to make sure my water is cool enough that it wont spoil the bird... I mean you might be alright with room temp water, but i dont like to chance it... i just add enough ice to give it a good chill before i add my bird than i let it brine in the fridge... Its your call, but i personally recommend the ice as a precaution...
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    I guess I'm like Dave and I don't boil my brine I just mix it up really good and then do the same before I go to bed and then in morning. Then I gett the bird ready for the smoker with plenty of time for smoking for dinner.
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  10. I must of been over thinking it I thought it may of been science not logical now what is the brine for and do you wash it all off before seasoning the bird
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    The brine will help moisture penetrate the bird, helping the white meat to keep from drying out.I usually give the bird a cold water rinse off, then I'll season if I think it's needed.Some folks will also inject the bird, just before smoking it. Sometimes there is not a way around it, you have to give things a try to find out what you like best. I know... decision, decisions. It's all good my friend. 
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    I disolve the salt and sugar with luke warm water, add whatever spices, drown the bird, and stick in the fridge overnight. Next day, fire up the smoker, remove bird, rinse and dry, EVOO, rub it, or whatever you're going to do with it, place in smoker with a drip pan, and let it go. Turkey breast, whole chicken, leg quarters or whatever, I have yet to be disappointed.
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    Take half yer water hot outa the tap.  Mix in yer ingriedients until there desolved, then add in the other half of water ice cold.  Yer brine should be room temp at that point. 

    Put yer bird in the brine an leave in the fridge overnight, a light rinse an pat dry before the smoker.  Sprinkle with yer favorite rub if ya like.
  14. thanks for all the feed back my chicken turn out great the skin was a little darker then I like the temp was 180 internal  when I pulled it and it was moist I don't understand how brine work but it does THANKS for all your help SMF
  15. Just curious. If you walk to the Fridge to get the beer what does the wife do??
  16. What ever you do do not Forget the chicken in the bath for 32 hrs. AAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGG Chicken flavored Salt.


    Oh well there is alway tomorrow.
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    If that happens you can reduce the salt by soaking in cold water and changing the water 2-3 times. Might not get it all but will help
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    Steers me back to the couch [​IMG]
  19. I just changed my mind. Mistake my Pork Butt. Brine that chicken for 27 hrs smoke it for another 6 and then boil it up put the whole chebang in a crock and slow cook with Noodles and or rice or beans or all the above. Whoooo Doggy that is good. By the way when picking out the bones don't be chincey. Mans best friend has to eat also.

    Now i just tell every i planned it that away.
  20. First time brining my chicken.  (See previous posts) just put the salt etc. in cold water and kept stirring. Next time i plan on Boiling the salt in a small pot of water and then adding that to the 2 gal. water.

    Dinner tonight Smoked Chicken Noodle & Rice soup.

    Corn bread and biled corn on the cob.
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