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    As promised, here is the rub. I get my spices from a Penzey's Spices. They are fresher and stronger, and you can't beat their chili selection.

    enough free advertisement.

    This recipe makes about 4 cups of rub mix. You may want to adjust the salt down, I like a cure like taste and texture to my bbq.

    1 C. Kosher Salt (Morton's)
    2 C. Dark Brown Sugar
    2 T. Black Pepper (Tellicherri)
    2 T. Balinese Long Pepper
    2 T. New Mexico Hot Chil Powder
    4 T. Hungarian half sharp paprika
    3 T. onion powder
    1 t. powdered lemon peel
    1 T. garlic powder
    1 t. rubbed sage
    1 t. thyme

    Mix Well and store air tight.
    you can keep a piece of bread in it if it gets hard.

    It is so good you don't need sauce!
  2. daboys

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    Sounds like a good rub to try. I might cut back on the salt for myself though.
  3. coyote

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    Okay, looks good.. But is this the real deal?? you were kinda hesident about throwing this vault kept secret out 5 post back lol.. and penzey's spice? you made them sound great. I will have to google that..never heard of them.
    thanks for sharin..
  4. justsmoke2

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    I have used Penzy's Spices and cannot be happier. Generally in every order I get a sample of something. Apply on line and get a catalog. They will have new recipes in every catalog they send you. My first order with them was just under $150. could have spent more but the wife says I cannot possibly use that much. lol
  5. guvna

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    +1 on P's spices... that place rocks.

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