Cheese, Grommit!

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Apr 19, 2010
Bay Area, CA
I decided to throw a couple of Tilamook cheddar cheese blocks in the upright part of my smoker while cooking some game day ribs and ABT's.  Smoked with ash wood from our own tree.


I have this routine dialed -- I know how to keep this part of the smoker at 90* while the SFB stays at a perfect 225*.  However, I should have paid more attention this time.  Thankfully, I was too lazy to clean the grate, so I put the blocks on foil for for the first time.  The temp spiked at some point during the smoke, and this was the result:


Hilarious!  The wife laughed at me!  I vacuum packed it anyway -- should be good eats if not hard to slice for sandwiches!  LOL!  Even a smoking vet misses every once in a while!  Thank God I had it on the foil or all would be lost!  I usually just set these right on the grate!
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