Cheddar Cheese Brauts

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May 13, 2006
North East
Smoked Brauts with cheddar cheese all smoked.. After smoking them I pan fried them in olive oil to heat them up, I also smoked some onions and peppers <sorry no pic of them I was hungry, maybe a pic later in the day, I need to get batteries for the camera> We put them in a sub roll with the smoked onions and peppers .. Was MMMMMMMM Yummy

Just noticed that the time and date stamp on the photo is wrong, must be the low batteries.

Man those look good. Those cheese filled brats are my favorites but I've never smoked em before. I got a lot stuff to try. Nice pics, keep em coming!
Hi Riz, I not only smoked them.. I ground the pork, beef and cheeze and filled the casings.. then I smoked'em

Ah, but did you kill the pig?

I'm just kidding Joe, I am humbled by your skills and efforts!

I don't think I've got enough time to do all that but some day.

Congrats to your smoking success!
Brats look great Joe,

Would love to see pic of one on the bun all dressed up with its onions and peppers. :D
I would of liked to see a pic of that too Rodger. But it would be kind of hard to take a picture when your occupied with a sammich that takes two hands to hang on to. If it comes down to my stomach or a pic of what I'm going to put in my stomach, my stomach wins every time! :mrgreen:
I'll have to wait until the wife gets home with the camera, I know if I make one now it won't be here when she gets home .. so stay tuned.

Rodger and Dutch, This is the last one so you'll have to fight over it..

First come, first served. Dutch may have seniority on the board, but I will not be pushed away from the food. :D

Beuuuuuutiful sandwich, joe. 8)
Art, Joe pure edible art-nice job as always. 8)

That's alright Rodger-hope ya enjoyed it. 'Sides I don't want to be accused of taking food away from OLD FOLKS!! :mrgreen:
The sammie looks fantastic! The wife and I love brats. I've wanted to make my own for a while now; I just can't find the casings. Where do you get yours? Local grocery, butcher?
I got the casings at a local grocery store, You may be able to find them in an ethnic neighborhood <Like an Italian neighborhood>

Thanks Dutch, As you can see I got the hang of the picture thing.

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