CHEATED for some GAMETIME GRUB yesterday!!

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  1. [font=Arial, Tahoma, Helvetica, FreeSans, sans-serif]NEEDED a quick 'hit' for yesterday's GIANT game.  I admit I was a FRAUD!!  pre-smoked kielbasa.[​IMG][/font]

    I bought this at the RESTAURANT DEPOT  bout a month ago and froze it. 


     TRUSTY IRON SKILLET (again, you ain't a cook if you don't have one!)
    2.  a bit of EVOO (GIADA, would like that) - black pepper -- cut onions and apple  -- a can of Coors Light (because who the hell wants to drink that!?)


    **I also added a small bit of broccoli rabe/garlic -- this was left from my run to CARMINE'S  NYC yesterday -- a man can't eat BBQ EVERY DAY!
    3. cooked until onions were translucent -- added Kielbasa -- too much for skillet --- so I put in a tin

    4. I topped with a bit of smokey mustard/horseradish

    5. FOILED --  350 for about 35 minutes...GAME TIME!!
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  2. chef jimmyj

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    That Kielbasa is pretty good for a commercial product, way better than Hillshire...JJ
  3. First time I bought it..went over well.  SO easy for a 'crowd' -- good for a quick tailgate
  4. tjohnson

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    We make something similar and it's one of my favorite meals

    Think I'm headin' to RD this week!


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