Charcoal smoke

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Aug 17, 2007
mishawaka In.
Bought some fresh Spare Ribs and used the extra meat after cutting them St. Louis style to try out these charcoal bricks I found at Gander Mountain they were on sale for .17 cents each what a deal bought forty of them just in case they really did work. Used my Big Brinkman propane grill but didnt use the propane took an aluminum foil pan and started four of the bricks.after the coals were hot put on the pork and added Jack Daniels wood chips made from old Jack barrels worked out real good, foiled the rib meat after two hours then put Rasta Joe's sauce TURNED OUT PRETTY GOOD
Good luck and Good Smoking
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Boy are you guys are fast forgot to resize my pictures and went back to edit my post and someone beat me to it .I just love this Forum
Good Luck and Good Smoking




I found them at Gander Mountain for .17 cents each..they are charcoal bricks that you light with a match until they turn white them they glow red in the middle.First one lit well the next two didnt take off to well so I had to group them together.didnt work to bad once they all got going but I think they would work better in a smaller smoker.I bought forty of them and going to try doffernt things with them.
Good luck and Good Smoking
I think those are more for camping trips and small grills, but at that price worth the try. If 4 of them took you all the way thru the smoke, that's a dang good deal
It took more than four they say they will last for 90 mins but they last only around an hour. But at .17 cents each you can still feed the smoke at a cheap price
I agree small cookers only .
Good luck and Good Smoking
Now I feel even more like a newby than I thought I was!! I have never seen, nor heard, of such a thing!

Sounds like it would be good for camping though, as was mentioned earlier. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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