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Char Griller w/SFB as a Reverse Flow

Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by new2smokn, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. new2smokn

    new2smokn Newbie

    As I was getting ready to finalize my smoker with tuning plates I decided to purchase two sheets of metal. One for the wall where the fire box attaches too and one for tuning plates.

    Sorry, no picture of the side wall where i placed a sheet of metal i bought at a local lowe's.  I fabricated it to where all of the holes will match up and I cut the football shape in half to decrease the amount of heat which would act as a baffle. Also for it to retain more heat.

    Before cutting the 1/8" steel plate into sections I placed it into the smoke chamber for measurement.  I bought the piece 27"x16", this left me a 2-3" from the left side. So I left it in place.  And this is where the crazy idea of a reverse flow came into play.


    Left side of smoke chamber


    Right side of smoke chamber

    Then I extended my exhaust pipe to the front and across to the right side.


    I started a chimeny full of charcoal to see the temp ranges and if it would actually work.

    OMG!! It did.  The temp ranges within 5 degrees across the grate.

    I cant waite for my FIRST SMOKE!! SO..EXCITED!!
  2. That's a nice simple way to do it. I'm sure your smoking will go well.
  3. new2smokn

    new2smokn Newbie

    Ok, not sure exactly what happened. Smoked a pork butt yesterday. Temperature took forever to get to 225. Changed lump charcoal to cajeme (I think that's the name it's a product of Mexico it has an Aztec on front) from my usual royal oak. Didn't want to drive to walmart from where I am. I think this is where I messed up. I don't think that cajeme stuff burns hot enough. Because when I test ran the reverse flow the day of, I probably used 1/2-3/4 full chimney. And when I emptied the ashes, there was alot. I went through 20lbs. of this stuff.

    Pork butt came out good though. Sorry no pics of the butt. I do have a pic of the fire wall between the firebox and smoke chamber I will post later.
  4. ron davis

    ron davis Newbie

    I just got the same Char griller as you and was thinking the same thing! How's the RF working for you? 
  5. Good Luck with it.  I RFed mine last winter and has worked much better than it did as a direct flow.  I've had trouble with charcoal too and have switched to wood.  Have fun and post up some Qview!!! 
  6. new2smokn

    new2smokn Newbie


    This just didn't work for me.  I felt i needed to burn more fuel for more heat.  Prior to making this a reverse flow my temps were on the money.

    I ended up removing the long stack within the smoke box and returned it to the same side the exhaust sits and extended it down to the grate level.  I then place the steel plate in the middle of the smoke box instead of to the far right close to the fire box.  

    After making the new modification the ribs came out PERFECT!  No other mods for me, i think i have my smoker finally dialed in.

    I hope this helps.