Changing out brine? Can I replace during the brining time?

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What is the question?

Happy smoken.

When brine curing meats, on occasion it will become "ropey or stringy".... remove the meat, rinse very will, dump the old brine, rinse and sanitize the container, replace the meat in the container and add newly made brine....
The "ropey/stringy" brine, from what I have read, occurs when sugars are added to the brine.... The article also pointed out that sugars are food for some bacteria and that is possibly why the "ropey/stringy" stuff happens...... ALSO, it pointed out, the meat is still safe to eat....

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Hello all, Newbie here with a quick question about changing out Brine using  Pop's recipe. I am curious to know by changing out the old Brine with newly mixed Brine, would this increase the over all amount of #1 cure being used on the meat to a dangerous level or not ? Thanks is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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