Changing lean-fat ratio in burger

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Feb 11, 2007
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I want to change 80/20 burger to 75/25. How much tallow do I need to add per lb? They had no 75/25. I’m have a brain fart on this. Reason is I’m making venison burger & like to mix 1 lb 75/25 to 4 lbs of deer. Really helps hold together plus adds the right amount of fat. Have tried 80/20 & to lean for my liking.
Thanks in advance.
not sure if the rendered tallow works the same as just the raw beef fat mixed in the 80-20 but, to add 5% fat would take approximately { .8 } of an oz of fat per lb of meat or 4ozs per 5 lbs of meat. maybe i'm not thinking this correctly??
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I gave more thoughts into it & ended up with putting a little over 2 oz in 2.5#. Guess now wait for first use to see. The meat cutter at the store acted like 75/25 is hard to come by. So thought I’d start with small batch of mixing my own because I have a bunch more burger to make. Plus now I have tallow to use up.
not sure if the rendered tallow works the same as just the raw beef fat mixed in...
This is a true statement as it will melt much faster than beef suet leaving you with a crumbling burger or loaf.
I think it was Bearcarver Bearcarver that added bacon to his deerburgers if you want an another idea. My math came to .8 ounce per pound to add.
I ground some bacon and added to my burgers and not sure if I had too much or what but the meat fell apart when cooking, I will stick to frying it and adding to burger when building lol is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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