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  1. Ok. So after seeing a 6 pound brisket for 10/pound my wife went to Lunardis here and found a 3 pound "center cut" brisket. It was still 10/pound, but starting small was an easier sell. So i threw some SPOG on it and it i s sitting in the fridge. It is probably about 2 inches thick so i am figuring about 5 hours at 225. I am going to give this a try and see if the family likes it. If they do we will venture into a bigger piece of meat. Since it is a bit thinner is my timing seem in the right park? I am going to have a cooler and some towels ready to let it sit for a bit after. Thanks for the look and any comments. .
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    I think your timing is spot on.

    But every piece of meat is different.

    Good luck!

  3. Thanks Al. Going to give myself an extra hour just in case. Start at noon and hope to be on the table about 630.
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    Red just be sure your thermo probe is working and you will be fine

  5. Thanks Richie. Going on right now.
  6. About 2 1/2 hours in and i am at about 140 IT. I dont want to open the door to take a pic might have to add more wood soon. Will try and snap a shot or two then. Forgot to mention my temp has been between 235 and 245. Sitting nice at 243 right now.
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    Regardless of IT, hold out for Probe Tender. My first Brisket Flat I paniced. The IT was 195, often quoted, and I pulled it. It was ok but Dry. The next I waited until the Probe slid in with no resistance. It was tender and juicy...JJ
  8. So should you have let it go longer? When do i start checking it.

    Thanks for the info
  9. chef jimmyj

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    Yes...Start checking for tenderness at an IT of 190-195...JJ
  10. [ATTACHMENT=2928]20160727_145059.jpg (5,120k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]

  11. 2 1/2 hours in and 150 IT. So far so good.
  12. Thanks jimmy. By the way your mild rub is the hit of the family. I cannot make enough to keep it in the jar. Lol.
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    Great to hear! Thanks...JJ
  14. After tw all said and done it took over 6 hours and i had to finish it in the oven. I have to get my times figured out. Letting it rest a bit now.
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    your're on the right track,,,should be a good one.
  16. Did not go over well. Seems my family is not the smoking kind. May have a smoke vault for sale soon.
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    Red, What wood are you using? Hickory is strong. In the beginning my Family HATED it, too strong. Fruit wood like apple and peach are much more mild. Also no Rule says you have to smoke start to finish. The crew may like 3-4 hours of smoke for a light enhancement. Meats that are Pulled lets you mix the smokeiest parts in and gives a light flavor to all. Newbies to eating Q need to find what they like and play later with other techniques. Pork Butt and Beef Chuck can be taken to 205 and Pulled. A tasty Finishing sauce expands the flavor as well. Maybe my Sweet Finishing Sauce with the Mild Rub and Pulled Pork, would be good Training Wheels for the family...JJ
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  18. Jimmy, you hit it right on the head.  I used Hickory and kept it going thru the whole six hours in the smoker.  Probably way too much smoke in the meat.  Also, it took allot longer than I had expected.  I figured between 5 to 6 hours for a 3 pound piece of meat, this one I had to pull at 6 hours and finish in the oven as it was still at only about 180 when I pulled it.  

    I was going to use pecan or apple, but the hickory was the first bag in my reach, so I used it.  LOL.  That may have been the start of the downfall.  Also, I just used SPOG, when I have your rub recipe that the family has loved.  I should have used it to maybe give the meat a bit more flavor and not just a smoke taste.  Live and learn I guess.  

    I am down, but not out.  LOL.  I will wait for a sale on brisket and try again, but this time I am going to rub it with your recipe, make sure I allow at least 10 hours of cook time, use a milder wood, and use less of it.  LOL. 

    Right now, I am batting about .500, so I guess that is not bad.  

    Thanks for the info, and the suggestions.  I appreciate it. 

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    Yep.....smoking with hickory for that long was probably a bit too much. Like the Chef sez.....try a milder wood for a shorter period. I usually use pecan for a few hours.
  20. Great.   Thanks for the info.  Going to give it another shot when the meat is on sale.  10/pound is a bit steep for nobody to eat it.  LOL.  

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