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  1. Some friends have asked me to cook for an event at their home for around 60 people.  They have requested pulled pork, beef (bottom round), Polish sausages and two sides.  (Baked beans and potato salad).  

    I have found plenty of information on servings per pound for one meat and yield for various meats. Other questions arise.  

    1.  When serving three meats (and not knowing how many people would eat one, two or all three),  how should I adjust my amounts of meat?

    2.  I have not seen any information as to how many servings per pound are recommended for sausages.  It seems 3- 4 "bun length" brats come out to about a pound. 

    3.  As for the sides,  how many servings per pound should I figure?  I know that serving size on packaging for various foods usually (at least in my case) are pretty small.  My personal servings are much larger. [​IMG]

    Any advice would be appreciated.  

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  2. While I'm begging for information,   does any one have a sample contract that they would be willing to share?
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