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Carpenter Bee Traps (UPGRADED)


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Another thing is the Bees are easier than Doves with a Bow & Arrow!!!:emoji_wink:

Uh Oh---Another Bear Story!!---Duck!! Here it comes---True Story!!
About 10 years ago, I was out in front of my house, shooting Carpenter Bees up around my Front Peak Overhang, with my Crossman BB gun. I'd only pump it 4 or 5 times, so it wouldn't make big dents in the Pine Soffit & Facia. So I'm out there looking up, when one of Bear Jr's Tower Climbers "Matt" drives by. He sees me aiming & stops in. He says "Hey Pop, what are you shooting?" Bees, I said. He says, "Bees?" I said, "Yup, Carpenter Bees". He says, "Get Out, You can't shoot Bees with that BB gun". I told him they aren't that hard when they'e sitting, because they're so big. So he's standing right next to me, and I see one about 20' up, hovering around up there, so I just kept my sights on him, waiting for him to sit down. Matt said, "That one don't want to sit". I told him, "If he hovers at one place for a couple seconds I won't wait any longer".
So I leaned the gun on one of my Log Ends, and when the Bee hovered for a couple seconds, I took a shot. GOT HIM !!! Matt says, "SOB, You got him". We saw 2 pieces flying after I shot. Mat found the smallest piece (The Head), and I found the bigger piece (The Body). Matt says, "I can't believe it---You didn't just shoot a Bee, it was a freaking Head Shot!!" (Note I shot a lot of them, but that was the first one I ever noticed them flying in 2 distinctly different pieces.

Carry that forward---I got Matt the job, working for my Son, because I worked with his Dad for 20 years, at Bethlehem Steel. So the next day I get an Email from my Old Buddy, George (Matt's Dad). He asks me in the Email if I heard about the guy on the Mountain, above Macungie, Shooting Bees Out Of Season?? LOL---Good one, George!!!


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